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Have you ever wondered what would be the very best post workout meal for maximum results? In this video, Jay tells you what he feels is THE ULTIMATE POST WORKOUT MEAL FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS.

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33 Responses

  1. Luis Cuiriz says:

    Been eating almonds

  2. Travis Kraft says:

    For me, it's KFC original recipe at the KFC Buffet.

  3. MikeVal000 says:

    Jay has that silverback action going on! Definitely my favorite bodybuilder from the very start. You don’t see too 44 yr old males that that physique. I swear he’s thinking about making a comeback.

  4. Chicken breast part,rice and banana…

  5. Maddy Mad says:

    Thanks Jay! Post workout meal is powdered greens/whey protein shake! Killin it Jay! Keep up the great work! ✌️πŸ’ͺπŸ‹οΈπŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

  6. Felix Vargas says:

    In and Out Double Double animal style and fries chased with a chocolate shake! Carbs, Protein, and fats all in one…

  7. Abdul Hakim says:

    Bring up those forearms jay ✌πŸ’ͺπŸ’œ

  8. Naveed Iqbal says:

    I remember reading in muscle and fitness about jay cutlers post workout recovery where he would drink coca cola. I tried it myself for 2 years becsuse i couldn't afford supplements, drink it right after weight training and would have the energy and intensity to bang out an hour plus of cardio then chug down a banana and peanut butter protein shake blended with whole milk, made some crazy gainz and surprisingly stayed pretty lean, Thanks Jay your still the people's champ

  9. Polt Fitness says:

    Jay! Question: what is your opinion for someone who is following intermittent fasting and can only work out after their eating window closes? Example- I stop eating at 8pm but I work out at 9pm and get home at 10:30pm? Should I eat and move my fasting window? Is it bad to not eat at all after training in that situation? Thanks man

  10. My post workout meal is chicken and egg noodles or eggs

  11. STRT6 Ranger says:

    Monster mash, new york strip and rice or teriyaki chicken and rice. Sometimes sweet potatoes. Cookies every other day as a treat.

  12. TheHealthGuy says:

    Looks like he still uses some Cell-tech, nomsayin'

  13. Zack B says:

    Protein shake and gummy bears then a hour to two hours later 3 whole eggs and 3 egg whites before bed

  14. kk kk says:

    Milk+whey/skim milk powder+dates+raisins+olive oil

  15. ken worth says:

    I'm loving these types of videos that you and dave are doing, deffs need more of them…

  16. Chocolate Chip cookies and V8

  17. SHAKEx99 says:

    Grilled Pork Steak, baked sweet potato fries, asparagus and a ceasar salad. Grilled any meat really.

  18. Justin Adams says:

    dextrose, creatine & EEA's post workout then if at night chicken, eggs, rice cakes & oatmeals or if morning currently eggs & tuna omlette with Jasmine rice πŸ™‚

  19. Salmon and broccoli. I am on a carb restricted diet trying to burn fat. 18 percent body fat at 224 lbs down from 256 lbs. do you think I should start adding in some carbs?

  20. Post workout with in 20 minute shake protein with 2 scoop 70 gram protein, 200 gram of yam and half cup of pineapple to help digesting the protein and also help with joints inflammation. One hour later a meal can variate…

  21. M VL says:

    6 Maanden (Mass Gainer)
    600 Gr. Rijst Of Spagetti (Elke Dag)
    150 Gr. Kipfilet (Elke Dag)
    200 Gr. Broccoli, Advocado of andere
    200 Gr. Rode Paprika (Elke Dag)
    1,5 Liter Magere Yougurt (Elke Dag)
    1 Vette Vis (1 Maal op de week)
    10 Gr. Pure zwarte Chocolat (Elke Dag)
    2 Stukken Fruit (Elke Dag)
    2,5 Liter Water (Elke Dag)

  22. Thanks Jay for the feedback. Common post meal for me is jasmine Rice with chicken and maybe broccoli, maybe lol. It’s just absorbs into the body quicker. Thank you.

  23. Thank you for this video it it was really helpful my favorite post workout is to go to the grocery store and get a $10 or $12 sushi box sometimes two and usually it is tuna salmon and sometimes avocado also depends on how hungry I am and I also would take protein powder and a shake with BC AAs and vitamin powder form post workout that seems to be my ritual

  24. My post workout varied throughout the years. immediately after at the gym i would take whey and a banana.(or the carb based supplement i happened to be taking at the time) and a gatorade on the way home. Then a big bowl of tuna and rice followed with an orange at home. Then sometimes when i got home i would just down a carton of liquid egg whites and a raw sliced white potato dipped in ketchup. Then sometimes it would be a chicken breast with a steamed sweet potato covered in honey and cinnamon. And on days that i was running short on time or unable to go home it would be a big serving of Cytogainer or a prepacked container of tuna helper… some kind of easy pasta mixed with canned tuna or chicken. Sometimes it would be a bowl of premade stir fry with chicken and rice and veggies. And a lot of the time it would be a blended shake of oats, banana, celery, asparagus, carrots, and whey protein if i was on the go. That was also my pre workout meal a lot too. About an hour before. then my pre workout supplements like ten minutes before workout. That would also be my breakfast sometimes and i would sub the whey with ten egg whites and two whole or a half pound of ground beef. And i would cook the oats and cover it with banana, pb, apples, honey, cinnamon, and dried cranberries. I LOVE FOOD.

  25. cxd141 says:

    My post workout meal is usually chicken sweet potato and bowl of kale

  26. GBeeski says:

    Ground beef with jasmine rice and chicken stock all heated up and mixed up in a big bowl and sometimes some vegetables in it two like carrots/spinach

  27. DLSwag says:

    Orange juice mixed w/ spinach. Bison/Jasmine rice

  28. I like a shake as I'm finishing my last few sets, followed by all the leftovers in the fridge while I watch Cutler TV. I'd like to be more serious but what is Jay Cutler going to learn something from me?! Your the guy from the Quad Stomp lol

  29. Hey Jay.. what about for those of us that train early – 4:30 in the morning…. I default to "fasted" training but because there is no way to eat before and so I've been having egg powder shake mixed with Creatine at about 7:00, a meal at 11:00 another one at 2:00 a shake at 4:00 then a cardio run from 5:006:00 and then a meal, if I can stomach it …..I can't have dairy so I use egg powder and liquid egg whites for my shake protein. Is there something else I should be adding post work out? I think you mentioned carbs … I appreciate the videos and hearing whats going on …

  30. Drew Hall says:

    I'm horrible so bacon eggs hash browns pancakes or oatmeal.

  31. Eric Hill says:

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch and liquid egg whites or Lucky Charms and liquid egg whites.

  32. I eat a banana straight after my workout and never use protein as that stuff is gmo soy crap!!! Gives cancer! Stay the hell away from powders! Eat real food! Gmo soy is cancer!

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