10 BEST Foods To Add MUSCLE Mass FAST!

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In the quest to attain a Greek god-like physique, you need to workout, rest, and eat! In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro and Fashion Anchor says that all calories are not created equal with the quest for muscle mass. These are Alpha’s opinion. What is your favorite body building food?

Foods to Build Mass

1. Eggs – best bang for your buck. They’re affordable, great snack, and all 9 essential amino acids.
2. Lean beef – one of the best foods to put on serious quality size
3. Chicken breast – protein-packed option and a medium breast is the perfect portion
4. Cottage cheese – low fat or no-fat is super easy to grab. It’s casein protein, a slow digesting protein. The downsides are the dairy and sodium
5. Fish – cod, salmon, and tilapia are Alpha’s favorites.
6. Avocado – you need the fats for body functions
7. High quality protein powder
8. Oatmeal – low on glycemic index, keeps you feel, and high in fiber
9. Sweet potato – one of Alpha’s all time favorite foods, lower glycemic index than white potato
10. Whole grains – brown rice, quinoa, wheat berries

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40 Responses

  1. Hiw about if you have no money

  2. I know you hate tuna, but I gotta put this down. I take a can of tuna and mix it with a bowl of mac and cheese. When I looked on Kraft's box I was shocked at how much protein was there so I mixed the two and it was gooood.

  3. so much stuff wrong in here !!!

  4. and stop tossing protein powder into ur system, shit is cancerous !!!


  6. eat sweet potatoes cooked in vapor, you will keep the nutriments inside the potatoe not losing shit of nutriment to water

  7. and please stop buying stuff that comes in a plastic pack, get the real deal !!

  8. best breakfast ever is smashed 5 bananas with honey and raw oat! 3 boiled eggs ! and a large cup of beet, carrot and orange juice !!

  9. eggs, mushrooms, chicken breast, mixed with oat, bananas, sweet potatoes and guava !! dont forget about c vitamin, its imperative to iron absorption. Avocado is the best fat ever !!!

  10. What God is next to increase your vascularity?

  11. Protein and over night oats! Fills me up

  12. K R says:

    How did this old video pop-up on my list?

  13. Chelsea Fan says:

    Eat lots of vegetables and nuts, they’re underrated foods.

  14. Mike Agate says:

    Are you the butler from the sideman $100 vs $10000 vacation video?🤔

  15. brent s says:

    Dude i love cottage cheese! I add parmesan cheese, salt pepper, grated mozarella and parsley.👍 oatmeal in the morning is awesome..little bit of peanut butter, strawberries raspberries bananas, etc..little bit of milk..bombbb. Shut out to avocado. And baked sweeeet potatoe☺

  16. Tommy K says:

    I guess peanut butters not in style anymore

  17. protein powder is a scam

  18. Doctor Fun says:

    What should I do when my parents only buy fast food and well food that isn’t healthy

    im 15

  19. Alexz Fiore says:

    If you mix oatmeal and a protein powder of your choice it’s delicious for breakfast and if your like me and can’t eat lunch regularly it keeps you full until you can eat

  20. DevX Gaming says:

    Best source of protein I have found, and its organic! https://amzn.to/2TOha3q

  21. What about Beans? Very affordable source of protein. Beans should replace cottage cheese on this list.

  22. Stayin There says:

    I love your video by the way you talk fast clear and get str8 to the point . I give you an A+ 😍

  23. Stayin There says:

    How many grams of proteins should i eat for each kg ? Lets say if i am 65 kg

  24. Tilapia is one of the worst fish to eat. Why would this even be a choice when it comes to fish? It is high in mercury and other metals, and it tilapia is all farmed and it lives off poop basically.

  25. T3some says:

    Eggs and i am a 14 year old boy that is 200 lbs ore 100 kg and i am losing fat and trying to get muscle mass idk i will get stronger and muscle mass but i dont lose fat idk i do cardio i am getting the right portchens and i eat everthing exept for fish and mushrooms. Pleas help…

  26. Lee Williis says:

    Is this a helpful clip or sales ad? Im out!

  27. Dutch Miller says:

    Cool oats over night commercial.

  28. How tall is this little man? He looks like a hobbit. lol.

  29. adam youssef says:

    your heart must hate you because of all abuse you are putting it through

  30. Mary S says:

    Fucken sweet potato lol

  31. dr hamdi says:

    i can’t buy protein powder what should i do

  32. let me get the straight…you will eat tilapia but not tuna? tilapia is most disgusting fish on the planet…..i will not even eat at a restaurant that has it on the menu

  33. Luwni says:

    My favourite has to be Chicken and sweet potatoes also chicken and rice maybe some times Steak and Rice

  34. Just the kind of video I was looking for. Thank you! Very informative! 🙏🏼🙏🏼💪🏽💪🏽

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