Ramadan Meal Plan & Workout | Science-Based Ramadan Fitness Guide

Fitness in Ramadan can be a tough scenario. Whether your goals are weight loss, building muscle, or simply staying fit, you can maintain your progress and even make substantial progress if you follow the steps outlined in this video.

In this video, I will explain if you should cut, bulk, or maintain your weight. I’ll even give a science-based Ramadan workout routine and a Ramadan diet plan so you can reach your goals without losing gains.

Please note the meal plan is not all-inclusive. Most people need to eat more, but this was meant to give you a general idea of how to structure your nutrition. And the workout plan needs to be adjusted for your body and schedule.

If you do partake in Ramadan, then Ramadan Mubarak.

If you don’t, these tips can still benefit you regarding nutrition and working out with a busy schedule.



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Intermittent fasting
Meal frequency
Nutrient timing
Whey protein


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11 Responses

  1. Jonas Karam says:

    What would you recommend to eat after iftar before you hit the gym?

  2. Danish Hayat says:

    Bro good job keep it up ❤❤❤

  3. Does this same information also apply to women? Also, what do you suggest I should do if I am not able to hit the gym between iftar and suhoor?

  4. Outstanding video bro!

  5. Yaseen Bhat says:

    Great video big bro. That "Ramadan" pronunciation on point lol.

  6. Ahmed Dine says:

    what about immediately after breaking fast or 1hr before breaking fast

  7. That “Ramadan” pronunciation though 🔥 Thanks brother. Ramadan Mubarak.

  8. Ali Khan says:

    Very well info ❤

  9. AbAlk says:

    Are you doing ramadan too?

  10. if the timing of the meal doesn't matter, what if I eat all my meals in the eating window, will I gain muscle???

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