Post workout meal in hindi

This is what i exactly eat in my post workout meal . which contains

70g rice
150g chicken

this is the most simple , healthy way of cooking which will make your chicken very juicy and tasty . try this and let me know how do you like it . thankyou

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41 Responses

  1. D S K Vines says:

    I'll definitely try it

  2. D S K Vines says:

    How to do mix workout in better way

  3. Vikash Kumar says:

    Aapka bat bahut parsnd aaya sir g

  4. Bhai kabi raipur Rani aao to mere gym mei dobara ana bhai…

  5. smarty verma says:

    bharat bhai yrr ye tol nap ka item bekar h desi batao sidha kya khaye a kr gym s bss

  6. Bhai chicken Ka fleshy smell reh jata hai eise cook Karne se…just yuck !!!!😖😖😖

  7. Vere vegetarian kidr jau ge ? 🤣🤣🤔🤔🤔

  8. Found it very interesting….simple and easy to cook on time meal.😊💪❤

  9. Farhan Khan says:

    Bhai which rice are u using basmati rice or just simple rice ??….

  10. lovish gupta says:

    Gym vest is so awesome,,,i also want this eagerly ,,sugesst me where to buy…..anyone knows?

  11. जय जगदंब बेटा तेरा कल्याण हो तेरेसे बात करनी हैं लल्ला🌹🌹🌹🔯🔯🔯

  12. Bro ur chicken cooking trick helped us lot….as i was hostler so we use to overcook chicken ….zindgi sudr jaye gi abh .thnku bro

  13. Itna tym hai barbaad krne k liye

  14. Digestive system strong banane wale koi secret medicine bro????

  15. Can I take multivitamin daily bro

  16. Cooking class ha bhai

  17. Glutes workout vedio pls

  18. Vegetarian diet plan please

  19. Shubham 1640 says:

    Kya bolra h Bhai…150gm m bs 14gm

  20. A S Teer says:

    Please be honest and share with us if you use steroids in that way those that are watching will be better informed to decide if they want to subscribe to your channel. Failure to respond will equate to you trying to mislead people. I await your response. Thank you in advance.

  21. I am Not says:

    Albert einstein ki physics samaj aa gye, Dost ye samaj nhe ayaa rice 71 gm ho jate kya Nutrition diet industry palat jati, ya dost tera weight gain hoo jata. Hoo kya gya hai duniya koo.

  22. Hunny Pundit says:

    Mein to bhooka mar jau ..😥😥😥 … Na mirchi na Masala … Bhai apni body nahi banne wali pata chal gaya mujhe ….

  23. kamil crazzy says:

    BCAA ko kaise liya jata h sir ye bta dijiye please
    Kab or kaise use karte h kitna lena chahiye

  24. Great video. Simple and informative

  25. Abhishek says:

    incorrect information. In your post workout meal U need smthng which can be easily digested by your body. Chicken as post workout meal is a wrong choice. One can go for boiled eggs or tofu.

  26. Abhishek says:

    Itna naam k tho Mr. Olympia v ni khata h😂

  27. Make laude zyada bak back band Kar bhosidke 20 inch Kare bolo Sab aur chest 53 inch Kare bol bhosidke sale sirf touch 17 inch arm aur chest 44 inch uddre bhosidke

  28. Sagar says:

    Please make a video on vegetarian diet

  29. Bhai beginners ke liye workout plan batao pls

  30. imran nandan says:

    Menu ni lagda main kha sakuga😋

  31. Ashish Yadav says:

    Tum jaiso ki vjah se hi mahangae aur bookhmri badhti ja rhi. Hai.. are apni 1/4 diet or diet expenses ko donate krne ki aadat dalo..thuus ke khane ki jgah

  32. Ahmed Imtiaz says:

    بھائی کیا گیم کر کے فورن کھا لینا چاھے یا پھر دس پندرہ منٹ بعد؟

  33. Apka num dena brother..need some tips

  34. sameer roy says:

    Phele body bana achi cutiye fir knowledge de

  35. Sar liver ko fit kerne ko video banyo

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