Chair Aerobics Workout. 30 Minute Chair Fitness Class

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I’ve received such wonderful comments and feedback on my chair exercise videos that I decided to make some more for Caroline Jordan Fitness Youtube subscribers. I am here to help you in staying fit and being positive in your life. I aspire to create video content that is uplifting, energizing, and allows you to stay healthy.  If you are a fan of my Chair Cardio exercise workouts online, you are in luck! I just published a brand new chair aerobics 30 minute workout and this one is…. TOUGH!

What is Chair Aerobics?

Chair aerobics is a cardiovascular workout performed while sitting in a chair.

Who Can Benefit from Chair Aerobics

Many people can benefit from this chair aerobics exercise routine, including:

People with diabetes
People with physical disabilities
People with injuries that prevent other types of exercise
People with chronic cardiovascular disease and congestive heart failure
Office workers who sit all day and need to move a bit
Benefits of Chair Aerobics

Chair aerobics has multiple benefits such as:

Improved strength and muscle tone
Improved range of motion
Better cardiovascular fitness and circulation
Better cognitive function
Potential to reduce pain
Better mood
Better sleep
Improved bone density

Want to try some chair aerobics for yourself? As you perform chair exercises, try to maintain rhythmic and continuous motion in order to elevate your heart rate. Always check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise routine. Monitor your heart rate and modify exercises as needed. Ready to get started?! Grab a chair, get your pilates ball, and lets do this together! Get ready to break a sweat, get your heart rate up, and shape toned muscles all from your seat in this new 30 minute chair aerobics workout!

Thanks for joining me! Ill see you next time!

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6 Responses

  1. Every video you make is amazing! These workouts have allowed me to get back to working out. Something I missed when my condition got worse. So thank you so much for changing my life around! I am so much happier and healthier!

  2. apb1969 says:

    As I am, literally, at the door of 50 – and have been a moderate exerciser since my teens – I thought this would be a nice, gentle cardio………..wrong, haha! My back is bothered because I'm 50 lbs. over, at the moment, but I did appreciate the arm work and the thigh work with just a little aggravation to the joints as compared to standing workouts! Very innovative and effective for the heart! Thanks!

  3. Carol Taylor says:

    Don't have a ball yet, + pillow rather clumpsy. Incorporated a few of other moves from your chair work-outs. Great! This work out is fun, + I was huffing. WootWoot. 👍🏽💪🏽😅

  4. How many calories did you burn in this ?

  5. Dina Rizk says:

    'Alright myself, I love you' 💛💜 Thanks for this quote that made my day! Never take Chair workouts slightly especially yours, Caroline!🙆‍♀️💪You were very funny taking us through it as well! Keep the lovely spirit!💚💙

  6. CojoDaniels says:

    You are really good at the workout I'm proud of you stay strong

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