Crossfit Motivation Women Training – Natasha Aughey Workout

Crossfit Motivation Women Training – Natasha Aughey 613LIFT

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45 Responses

  1. Никакого восторга и уважения…Женщина должна с таким самозабвением заниматься домом и детьми, причём я не говорю, что она не должна заниматься спортом…пожалуйста…но здесь мы видим извращение…она взяла на себя сугубо мужскую роль…

  2. salvyballacc says:

    Looking like a man from head to toe. Congrats 👍

  3. 700Arawn says:

    Superman: you’re strong

    Wonder Woman: I know………..

  4. mike private says:

    Even the girls are on anabolics and growth hormone these days. Some of the CrossFit girls at my gym have upper bodies that belong on smaller men muscle physiques.

  5. خوش عليه راجع مال حضن

  6. What a fucking dirtbag! I bet she has the self respect of a $10 prostitute. Killer ass though.

  7. TOM CRUZ says:

    no peds ha fuck that shit

  8. NoVideo Test says:

    100 lifts and 10000000 ml of steroids later

  9. ross says:

    women who "dont want to get too bulky" should check this video lol

  10. Kink Beburs says:

    You are very very beautiful Wo .. And bodybuilding champion

  11. Girl : Give grandma your butt😉

  12. d1w1c1 says:

    Thick thighs and a fat ass will always take your attention away from man sized arms lol

  13. Mad Max says:

    Worthless CUNT….

  14. mr alone says:

    She is well suited for the role of wonder women….

  15. MIKE says:

    all those women are loaded with steroids , who is the stupid who believe its nateral ..

    women cant develop muscles without steroids any physiologic can prove that the rest are just liars

  16. I would marry her right on the spot😍

  17. Afung Gps says:

    Hulk girl
    Is the best strong girl

  18. Guri Cheema says:

    Love uu Natasha ur workout and GBU always,,, 😘😘😘😘😘😘💪💪💪

  19. I think I saw a testicle

  20. PowerLifter says:

    Natasha is an canadian ifbb body builder,not a pussy crossfitter!

  21. बहुत-बहुत सुन्दर और आकर्षक।

  22. Las mujeres son únicas, la creación mas perfecta de dios, ni juntando todas la maravillas del mundo igualarian la belleza de una mujer…

  23. Es hermosa y bella, un cuerpo muy fuerte sin perder su belleza física de mujer, es perfecta combinación.

  24. CVS Vlogs says:

    Trời địt bọn này gãy chim kkkaa

  25. Интересно кому нравятся эти лошади тяжеловесы???
    Мир сходит с ума???
    Зачем девочки так себя уродуют???
    Я за спорт и за спортивную фигуру, но все в меру?

  26. Mani Matter says:

    One of the best natural bodybuilder

  27. Maldición y pensé que shehulk no existia

  28. Dee says:

    I’m just gonna say roids or intersex, either one

  29. Sumit Kanyan says:

    Salute to her toughest girl. no pain no gain..

  30. Jack Mehoff says:

    Females have crazy strong reaction to anavar , not fair

  31. Crossfit or roidsfit Hahahaha like juicefit

  32. 又白又翘又可爱ớ ₃ờ😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘好喜欢

  33. Roque Leeyon says:


  34. Video thumbnail looked better.

  35. I am love you marry sexy beautiful lady I give you all the camels on saudia arabia hahahaha

  36. Woman's face, man's body….no thanks

  37. Natasha i am big fan your

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