Advanced workout you can do with a Foot or Ankle Injury. "Hurt Foot Fitness!"

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Hi Friends!

Join me for one of my hardest “hurt foot workout” videos on Youtube! This video works your entire body without putting any pressure on your foot and ankles. Is non-weight bearing and works all of your muscles while getting your heart rate up and helping you break a sweat!

Having a foot or ankle injury is challenging in every way. But don’t worry, Im here to help you stay positive and fit as you recover. I’ve been there and know how hard injury can be, but I believe in you and know you can heal quickly by being smart, staying positive, and finding your strong. Ready to get started? Press play and join me!

I have put together an online series of body weight workout routines with exercises that are safe to do while recovering from a foot or ankle injury. You can mix and match the workout videos into your weekly fitness schedule to maintain muscle mass and stay in shape while recovering from an injury. For more Hurt Foot Workout Videos, Check out this playlist:

BONUS if you want to boost your mood, connect to other hurt foot YouTube subscribers by posting on the Hurt Foot workout video comment walls and making friends who can empathize with what you are going through. It’s a great way to find a community of positive people to relate to and help you through this tough time.

Strength training is one of the safest and most effective ways you can exercise with a foot or lower leg injury. Getting creative in with non weight bearing strength workouts is fun and challenging! I hope this video served you in feeling your very best. Let me know how you feel in the comments below!

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ALWAYS check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise routine.

If you need more help building a balanced body, my book, Balanced Body Breakthrough, has a lot of exercises that will help you:

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41 Responses

  1. Not so serious, but I have some shoes-with-high-heels related injury on my foot lol this helps a lot! Thanks! Subscribed!

  2. Your energy is so great. I love the positivity and that you stay engaged the whole time. Great video 😊

  3. amy40227tw says:

    Thank you very much!! I just hurt my toe yesterday QQ
    This workout helps me continue my weekly exercise routine.

  4. I am a competitive gymnast, and I sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago and have done nothing 😂Your videos are amazing and are helping me get back in shape. Stay amazing! ❤️

  5. I started off angry that it was so difficult and yelling at the tv. Your supportive words touched me and I can't thank you enough.

  6. After 2 days with a foot injury was already going insane from lack of exercise, but this gives me hope 🙂 love it!!

  7. Dree Ped says:

    Thanks so much for this!

  8. Thank you so much for posting these! I'm over a week past a spiral fracture to my ankle. I'm a very actuve CNA and avid runner. These workouts will help keep me sane. You're the best!

  9. Can I do it ? I am having minimal ankle joint effusion ! please reply as i am so desparate !

  10. Former college football player… fractured my foot and I still have pins inserted and wearing my cast… loved this workout…!!!

  11. Smiling is advanced! That really made me smile through the burning in my ab muscles! Great workout!

  12. Jessica sd says:

    Thank you thank you. I had surgery Thursday and will be out of the gym for 10 weeks. I struggled the first few days mentally with what this means for my active lifestyle. This workout made me feel myself. Thank you so much

  13. Thank you! Sprained my ankle and going insane since I can't do my regular cardio. This was awesome!!!!

  14. Chris Arwood says:

    Loved the crazy ab things! I'm pretty uncoordinated, but it worked! Thanks again for an awesome video!!

  15. Thank you for making this!!

  16. Thank you sooo Much!! I fractured my toe and was so upset when the doctor said it won't heal for like 8 weeks 😣 These videos have kept me going through! THANKYOU!! 😀😀👍

  17. Onesha Lena says:

    Thank you for this amazing workout! I rolled my ankle a week ago and I’ve been really depressed that I had to stop my workout routine. I’m glad I found your channel <3

  18. I am so grateful I found this video today. I hurt my toe really badly and it is so frustrating not to be able to go running. Fantastic workout and I mentally feel so much better!

  19. Thank you so much! This is just what I needed. I had hand surgery 12 weeks ago for the CMC joint and I had a plantar plate tear and tailors bunion surgery 8 weeks ago. I’m super active and put both surgeries off for over a year. Your encouragement has been beneficial to my recoveries! I am feeling better and stronger each week.

  20. Paul says:

    I'm a social rugby player at the end of my playing days and some damaged foot ligaments have annihilated my fitness and self confidence. I'm sick of Pilates and yoga where you do 5 exercises in 30 minutes. This is the first thing that's got me sweating and happy which didn't try to sneak in squats or mountain-climbers. Good job 🙂

  21. Ingrid .V says:

    you're the best of the best! thank you for your energy and for being you <3

  22. Jody Holt says:

    Thanks, Caroline! You are a blessing to me. I am so grateful to "run" into you in Pacific Beach last Saturday. Thanks for posting!

  23. Anna B says:

    Thank you so much!!! This workout is exactly what I needed! I feel the burn without stressing my foot! 😁😁

  24. Lauren Dale says:

    I sprained my ankle about 4 months ago and it still hurts so I guess I'm finally going to go to a doctor. I usually prefer using weights but this at least made me feel like I accomplished something today!

  25. Hi Caroline. Thank you for these workout videos. I rebooted my workout journey one month ago and was really feeling good until last week when I sprained my ankle. My body really started to feel bad and I was really looking to get back into working out. These videos are perfect for getting active but being off my foot and ankle. I really appreciate it!

  26. Also, for the single leg table top moves, I placed a yoga block under my injured foot so my toes aren't pressing into the ground. For anyone out there who can't put pressure on their toes 🙂

  27. Thank you! I just had bunion and hammertoe surgery on my right foot…these videos are so helpful. Especially since I'm due for corrective surgery on my left foot as well. So glad I found your channel!

  28. Ashmeet Kaur says:

    I have plantar fasciitis and obese and have to lose to weight to get rid of the problem…I am surely gonna do this…thanks

  29. deathlightdb says:

    Heeeey, I am about half-deaf in my left ear. When you record these, you should make sure audio comes through on both ears. It can be very important with people with hearing loss in general, too. Everyone has different problems. Good workout, though! My boyfriend has planar fasciitis that doesn't go away, maybe I can get him to do something like this. x)

  30. Thank you so much for this 🥰🥰🥰

  31. Diane Arnett says:

    You are beautiful. I want my body to look like yours–HA! I'm 53.

  32. Snake 27 says:

    Thanks, great explaining and motivational talk. Coming at this with low back injury recovery actually, but still it feels nice to do. And I liked the oblique thing definitely. And especially good feeling from the prayer and appreciated showed to the healing injury <3

  33. You're such a lovely and positive human! I really enjoyed doing this workout when I had a sprained ankle ❤️

  34. jenny alex says:

    Did you guys get any results ??

  35. Thank you Caroline!! I mildly sprained my ankle 2 days ago so god bless it hasn't swollen that much and I can almost walk normally but I've been so frustrated not being able to workout and this has solved my problem! Thank you xxx

  36. xoxovoodooo says:

    Aww I needed this. Recovering from old sprain of two years. Now I’m ready to heal.Thank you so much!

  37. Thank you for the workout <3, such a positive and encouraging person

  38. Thank you so much for this work out and positive words. I’ve torn three ligaments and have a slight fracture in my ankle and have been trying to keep up my exercise and was running out of ideas when I stumbled across this work out. Have now subscribed and looking forward to trying some more!

  39. AOK says:

    Thank you soooo much!! It has been 6 days since I twisted my ankle and I haven't worked out. Now I did and it feels amazing! I am a volleyball player and I normally have 5 trainings a week, but obviously I can't go becouse of my ankle injury. I really miss volleyball, but recovery is the most inportant right now. So thank you so much for this video, it was so nice to get my bidy moving again. If there are any christians reading my comment, please pray for my injury! And to any of you that have injuries I think you are strong, and amazing! Keeo uo the good work! Thank you again for the video and have a wonderful day!

  40. thank you so much for making these videos!! I am a dance teacher and have recently started having some trouble with my feet. Turns out that I have accessory navicular which is an extra bone in my foot that's causing tendonitis in my right foot and ankle and I also have tendonitis in one of my toes on my left foot. I'm so glad I found these videos so that I can still work out while I give my feet time to heal and in the future whenever they just aren't feeling too good.

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