Sore Muscle Workout Routine. 10 minute Exercise Video You Can Do When You Are Sore!

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Have sore muscles but want to workout? Join fitness professional, Caroline Jordan, for this quick “sore muscle workout routine”. The exercises in this video are designed to move your body through functional movements at a lower intensity than your actual workout. This dynamic exercise sequence will enhance blood flow to your working muscles and increase their internal temperature, potentially helping them recover faster and feel less sore from an intense workout. The fluid motions and yoga postures included in this 10 minute exercise routine will bring mobility back to your body, soothe sore muscles, and help you prepare for the next day’s training!

What causes sore muscles? Delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, is the soreness you experience 24 to 48 hours after intense bouts of exercise. DOMS begins with micro-tears that occur inside your muscles during your workout. These micro-tears set off an inflammatory response and your body’s immune system works to repair the damage. This causes swelling and fluid buildup in and around the muscles creating excess pressure which sends an “ouch” signal to your brain.

“How can I tell the difference between soreness and a strain?” IF words such as “throbbing”, “stabbing”, or “popping” enter your vocabulary while working out, you may have strained a muscle. Another sign of a strain (which is a large muscle tear): the pain persists even when you stop doing the activity. Soreness that occurs during a workout, however feels uncomfortable, but the pain should let up when you stop. If you think you may have strained a muscle, stop what you are doing immediately and see your doctor.

“If I am sore after yesterdays workout, can I still exercise today?” Yes, but with some adjustments. If you are resistance training, its recommended not to exercise the same muscle groups on two consecutive days. If you’re feeling sore, perform a low-intensity activity, such as walking, yoga, or swimming. These activities will help temporarily relieve stiffness and it will feel good to get your body moving to shake off the sore muscles.

Always check with your doctor before beginning any workout routine. If your soreness lasts longer than a few days, you want to go see a doctor or physical therapist! Be mindful and train smart – take care of your body and do whats right for you! Heres to health and a long life 🙂

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21 Responses

  1. elix ventura says:

    thankkkk you i was so sore but after this, i felt more better and now ready to do my work out’

  2. I first saw this video about 4 years ago. I think I tried looking for it again two years ago. and then today, 3 am I found it. I was determined to find this exact video because I really enjoyed it.

  3. Omg! Thank you so much! I was about to go to bed but then my muscles are really sore from yesterdays workout. So glad I found this video! Very helpful! ❤

  4. my knees really hurt special the backs of them and it helped me sit down where it did not hurt very much after I did your workout routine so thank you because I could not find anything else that would help me keep making videos

  5. Susan Murtha says:

    Thank you! I'm just beginning to work out and I have arthritis, I end up in terrible pain a couple of days after working out. Watching you keeps me motivated to keep working my body! One of the exercises even helped with my hip pain.

  6. GuyAnaconda says:

    Wow, I really needed this today. thank you 🙂

  7. Sheii Cube says:

    so good for my sore muscles as a beginner in working out.

  8. Jessica King says:

    Oh! Thank you! You are a life saver!!!! Already feeling so much better! My 2 year old laughted and tried to join in, she thought mommy doing this was hilarious! 😂

  9. deg says:

    I tried to do this but i could hardly even move thats how sore i was. Any tips?

  10. tkkostkko says:

    i am an irish dancer and we do a camp in the summer we work supper hard and this helps so much

  11. You kinda look like gisele! Thank you so much for this workout, it really helped my soreness!

  12. rawesome1000 says:

    Been training for my first 150 mile bike ride and going hard this week. I could only get 1.5 hours of sleep lastnight because of the tightness in my legs, arms and back. This video brought me so much relief like yoga always dose, but I always need a video or some one to tell me what to do. Guess I'm getting older when I can bounce back from PT like I could when I was still in the usmc. Thanks!

  13. Kealeyb says:

    I really enjoyed this! At first I was like wait no slow down! But then realised I have no attention span and the shorter, fast yoga workout was actually way more enjoyable than a slower session. Thanks very much, I'll definitely be using this video again 🙂

  14. She's looks pretty damn nice

  15. I did this easy simple workout and I immediately felt less sore! Thank you so much girl 🙂

  16. Mia Carter says:

    wow thanks this video really helped. is it ok to go right bk to working out after?

  17. Ashley Simps says:

    Thank you so much!!!!! I feel way better after my work out yesterday thanks to your video!!!!!

  18. diaamonds _k says:

    I'm really sore on my shoulders my back , stomach and my legs and ass from gymnastics

  19. Mei H says:

    Would you do more yoga videos?

  20. Bubble Bunny says:

    Thankyou so much Caroline ! I often refer back to this video because it works so well whenever I'm really sore (:

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