20 Minute Ab Workout For Women & Men At Home Exercises No Equipment – Donnie Fitness

20 Minute Ab Workout For Women & Men At Home Exercises No Equipment – Donnie Fitness
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20 Minute Ab #Workout For Women & Men At Home Exercises No Equipment – Donnie #Fitness

In this video, Donnie shares a follow along workout ab workout for women at home no equipment. This workout will help tone your core so you have six pack abs.

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Album: Chill Away

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37 Responses

  1. PsycheTruth says:

    Want more fitness? Check out Psychetruth Plus, 100's of videos not on youtube: http://www.psychetruthplus.com

  2. Erik Wheat says:

    I watch this hoping it'll inspire me to workout more than I do. Ab workouts are the toughest for me because I can barely stand up straight afterwards.

    BTW: Donnie, I don't know if you still check the comments on here but I have a long list of movies to recommend to you but I'll list a couple of them below that I enjoy.

    Children of a Lesser God (1985)
    Black Narcissus (1947)
    Audrey Hepburn films.

  3. lollyM131 says:

    please anyone which documentary film was she talking about?

  4. Learn 2 Earn says:

    Great combination 👍💐💐💐

  5. Donnie, Marry Me! P. L. Gordon, Mathematical Physicist, UT Dallas 💍

  6. Nana • says:

    that was me favorite . thanks

  7. Thanks i started with these exercises, im in my 4th day now and can really feel its working

  8. I'm wondering what you're doing now. You're probably in California.

  9. Egor Skavysh says:

    Go should go to Unflexal webworkouts if you'd like to learn more about workouts. Good new solutions for everyone I think.

  10. I totally agree, her form is terrible! be careful following this video if you do not know how to do these exercises properly!

  11. I am pretty sure you can find good solutions on Unflexal workouts, great for health 🙂

  12. Donnie you might like Captain Fantastic

  13. dylanfan1941 says:

    Her form is TERRIBLE! Quit worrying about what movies people have seen and instead, tell people how to do these moves correctly. Or better yet, do the moves correctly so people can learn from watching you. Please do not do what this woman is doing. Go to a reputable channel and learn to do these moves correctly. Proper form prevents injuries!

  14. this is too much i can't even do five mins of this.

  15. Curt Byron says:

    Great work out centering on the abs. Im a documentary film guy. Anything that surrounds the truth of Jesus Christ of history, present and future. YouTube "From Crete to Malta" series. This guy nails the truth behind the Jesuits and whats happening today. Also any of Sid Roth its Supernatural shows. Be blessed and have a great life in Christ.

  16. Fred Molfino says:

    A good movie is Jason Borne

  17. JulianC says:

    Too many moves to remember. Number & flow of the moves should be low & logical in order to remember where & when there is mo access to the video such as gym.

  18. On the planks and the exercise that comes directly after them, is it normal for there to be painful pressure on the wrists?

  19. How long would it take to get abs if I did that workout everyday ?

  20. Lauren Byers says:

    This hurt my back:(

  21. Hello Donnie, I absolutely love this work out.  I am going to try and do it every day.  The music is very inspiring and helps to really keep momentum.  Who is it? I love the side plank.  I have a bad back and the beginners version is much better for me.  Have a great day and keep it up. Good job!!!

  22. R3D says:

    I couldn't do the last two my legs are so fatigued from a previous exercise. lol

  23. alishan711 says:

    Does Donnie have twitter and instagram account?

  24. it didn't really work

  25. Yousef Attia says:

    Great workout Donnie i love your workout routine , even i workout 2 years ago, but your workout Technics still amazing,hope to you more Success , Keep going , your fan from Egypt.

  26. This may be the most intense video I have done from this channel yet. Thanks!

  27. my abs are in such bad shape that i wasn't able to fully perform many of the workouts. if i keep it up every day, will i get better?

  28. I love the way you do ab workouts!

  29. I love the way you do ab workouts!

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