What Bodybuilders Eat Post-Workout | Steve Kuclo in the M&S Kitchen

IFBB Pro and Team ALLMAX athlete, Steve Kuclo shows us exactly how he refuels his body after a hard workout. Watch the video to see the full meal breakdown of Steve’s post-workout meal and learn some bodybuilding cooking tips along the way.

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50 Responses

  1. Remember this is edited. Steve DID wash his hands in between handling the chicken.

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  2. Jason Garcia says:

    Originally, You dont put salt with your rice

  3. Lol kinda boring to do a video on a simple meal without alot of food groups imo

  4. DRDR3ADSA says:

    Filling the anabolic window with chicken and rice. This man is living in 2012 still and I love it 😂 ♥

  5. Daddy Waddy says:

    for my post workout meal i drink my cum. i dont go to gym but masterbait. it fun.

  6. ARKIN says:

    That moment when I thought the rice was going in with the plastic pouch

  7. Tariq Ahmad says:

    1. Steve butterflied that chicken breast like a pro!
    2. Does it bug anyone else that the clocks on the oven and microwave are roughly 30 minutes apart?

  8. Daddy Waddy says:

    that was 70 grams of protein?

  9. Sabi-i Knv says:

    4:47 "….and Phil the Heath"

  10. GUTOM says:

    All Whey French Vanilla sitting on my counter. Not a fan of the flavor! BLEH!

  11. Tony Montana says:

    That's exactly what I eat Post workout as well.. Easy to make and damn tasty..

  12. Happy says:

    How big is his dick?

  13. E Rid says:

    Big man can’t handle little spice

  14. Bert de Vis says:

    Damnn, what a surprise! He eats chicken and rice

  15. Marc S says:

    Why is he looking orange ??

  16. accradata says:

    I always cook naked to let my body experience the full power of bodybuilding passion.

  17. 4MyTube4Ever says:

    using knife in on the pan /facepalm… gj buddy.

  18. Terry D-Town says:

    Adding salt to water is to speed up the boiling process, not to flavor the rice.

    Meal fit for a king.. king of poverty.

    Good video though.

  19. Dylan Tansey says:

    Can you guys do more videos like this but on different meals to have etc

  20. So much money to be spent on supplements

  21. G O says:

    I hope he cleaned the chicken before he started cooking 🤔

  22. miri vg says:

    Why is he salting water when the Rice is in the bag

  23. Why not add some extra seasonings. If you're eating all day might as well enjoy the process

  24. What kind of rice is that? We dont have rice like that in Turkey🤔

  25. Joe Kalicki says:

    Steve DM me a pic of your cock after you shoot your tren. Big fan brother

  26. bro your channel are really active and amazing content and quality are really nice ….u got new subscriber and i love your channel dude , i will always support your channel keep it up …👍👍👍💗💗 i hope u will pin ths… 😀😀😀

  27. You shouldn’t put raw meat on a wooden cutting board. Use glass 👍🏻
    Good video. He seems like a nice fellow.

  28. He sounds like Phill heath.

  29. Harajukafist says:

    Damn I'd suck his coooock

  30. Marcin Majka says:

    Amazing recipe how to cook plain chicken and plain rice…

  31. ALHD 48 says:

    All natural chicken breast says the guy injecting chemicals in his body

  32. bonifaide says:

    Hey salt his rice water, but the rice is in a bag. What's the point of the salt 😂

  33. Crit says:

    Chicken and Rice, Ah shit, here we go again…

  34. g says:

    get this insulin fueled bubble gut out of here. he literally cooked rice in a bag and chicken with salt and pepper on a stove. waste of time, mine and yours.

  35. Saif Saad says:

    الف عافيه كابتن

  36. Get your self a pressure cooker. He probably has one but you never know.

  37. D3mo says:

    whenever i watch these videos i never see these guys wash their hands after handling their chicken…
    like just because you're jacked doesnt mean you're impervious to food poisoning

  38. JohnnyNBT says:

    No way that’s 70 grams of protein

  39. Don’t forget the juice

  40. B Jones says:

    It was devastating watching that one piece of chicken left on the cutting board

  41. jacob frye says:

    Damn I need to learn how to cook. I am really bad at it😅😅😅

  42. Dick Piano says:

    Rice and chicken… Groundbreaking stuff.

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