Sculpt & Tone at Home with Kat | No Equipment Full Body Workout, 20 Minute,

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This 20 Min. fitness routine is the “Warm Up” for Kat’s Advanced Flexibility videos- it’s also a GREAT total body workout on its own!
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Kat Rogers, former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader & professional dancer, leads a 20 minute workout to jumpstart your metabolism and get your muscles warmed up!

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34 Responses

  1. sexi balet slipper pointe

  2. Awesome workout video You look amazing girl and you rock the video

  3. Why all thumbnails for this girl are click baits ?

  4. NB says:

    i saw you on TV on Dragon ball at kame house <3

  5. Mohima B/k says:

    I was flipping dying

  6. tomo kon says:

    this is kinda classic but I gotta say, she is one of the most attractive woman I've ever seen

  7. super pointe balet shoes sexi

  8. Absolutely Beautiful.. The Best on YouTube! I'm going to start eating more vegetables now haha

  9. jak burton4 says:

    Dammmmm you’re all legs lol

  10. BALD MAN says:


  11. She's just my type. I love ballerinas!

  12. Elias Daoud says:

    You have a beautiful straight legs. So do you know or have or will make video how to get straight legs ( O legs correction)? thanks

  13. Holy Pikeman says:

    Ridiculous outfits and ridiculous stretches for the lonely male viewers lol. "I just want to be respected for my intellect". yeah right.

  14. I like to stretch with u in front of me😈😛

  15. U make me feel cachondo😵😍😈

  16. Mmmm que rica !😛😘

  17. Alexis Kraus says:

    I did this workout right after doing your ab video two times in a row, so this made the ab part of this video extra intense!

  18. Kristen Rupp says:

    Shes a Dallas cowboys cheerleader!

  19. LaKes MORE says:

    ☺️ Hey! Kat You Have Such A Beautiful Spirit..You Look So Healthy And Make This Workout Look So Easy.. I'm Definitely Inspired By You This Morning..As For The Negative Nancy's And Nathan's Pay Them No Mind..Your Doing A Great Job Just Fine.. Sending You Good Vibes "Thank You"💕
    ((GOD✝️ BLESS))

  20. norpan506 says:

    Nobody would go to war if every woman was doing this. We would have peace. Even girls that eat little too much would look nice.

  21. Sam Mujkic says:

    Oh my god u are so eatable hmm can"t stop stroking towards u I'm sorry but u are so sensible so oh breath taking lovey 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  22. Vanora says:

    That thumbnail is not flattering at all. have some respect ffs… I understand you need the views but still…

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