My updated fitness workout schedule, routine and split!



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39 Responses

  1. 💘♥️♥️♥️😍 Loved your tips girl

  2. Do you write all your workouts down Whitney?! How do you remember what to do?

  3. Girl how do your nips not pop out in that black sports bra🙈🙈🙈 I was worried for you

  4. Bhavya Arora says:

    If my girl whitney wears highlighter to the gym i am gonna wear highlighter to the gym too cz it looks FAB.

  5. Caylie Brown says:

    Chest is the only muscle group consistently sore too!

  6. Kiwi Chic says:

    Loooved this video thank you! Always love getting fit with Whit 💖💖💖

  7. I bought skinny resistance bands. WHY

  8. Jay Ali says:

    Thank you so much for the video! You're motivating me to get back in the gym.

    Question: What days do you incorporate your 15 mins of HIIT? On upper body days? Thanks for all the tips 🙂

  9. Your editing is rocking girl!

  10. Where did you get your yoga mat and strap? My strap keeps slipping off my mat and it’s so annoying! Also, love that your strap has an eyelet for you bag.

  11. Can you upload a video each day of the week, with your workout you did for the day?!? Like a week full of workouts 😍😍

  12. Mindy Joy says:

    I LOOOOVE hot yoga! I’ve had to take a bit of a break from lifting for health reasons, and I started doing hot yoga. I’m obsessed!

  13. Aaron Baity says:

    Can we get into the leopard leggings 🥰

  14. Maria Pena says:

    Whit can you do a beginners week with any or all muscle groups

  15. Where can I get a Rachael necklace? I didn't see the link in the description

  16. Rime or Reason was actually the correct terminology 😂😂

  17. Where are the cheetah print leggings from?

  18. Tori Ching says:

    I felt you when you said you feel "up tight" because I've been feeling a little high strung, and have been thinking about yoga too! Glad you've been enjoying it!

  19. Teevee says:

    How often does she do cardio/hiit/low obesity stead treadmill?

  20. Marie Lynch says:

    I’m going to give your split a try as well with some of my things added to it! So excited

  21. What booty bands do you use?

  22. This video was so extremely helpful! Thank you for providing this content for us without expecting us to pay hundreds of dollars like some do!

  23. Sarah Becker says:

    Y’all. Where is the netted skirt from that she’s wearing in the thumbnail? I need.


  25. Rachel E says:

    This is basically the same split I’ve been doing for the last few months and I am loving it!

  26. Tutti Frutti says:

    What would you considered a beginner friendly workout?

  27. Hi whitney💗 can you give use a glimpse of what your push and pull workouts look like?

  28. Siyi Lian says:

    honestly your videos always motivate me to get back into the gym when i fall out from my routine, thank u whit. you're a gem <3

  29. Can we talk about that thumbnail picture?? Girl do you get laser hair removal in the private area?!!??? Give us your secrets!!!!!

  30. Molly Roach says:

    i love hot yogA!!!!!! its the shit

  31. do you wash your hair everyday? how do you handle your sweaty hair everyday?

  32. whitney is flexing on all of us with her airpods hahaha

  33. Jordyn Rudd says:

    Where is your Whitney necklace from?!

  34. Jorie Nichol says:

    Absolutely loved this video! And girl I feel ya with leg day recently

  35. camila p says:

    I think ypu have the healthiest good looking body ever! I mean you are fit but definately dont look like you starve ypur self! You have muscle and you look lean without seeming to be nourish. Love your tips and your channel!

  36. taking all the notes <3 I love you xo

  37. CallMeJurnee says:

    We need pull/push day routines!!!

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