Full Body Workout: Kettle Bell Exercise Routine, Tone at Home Cardio Fitness Training, Burn Fat FAST

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Full Body Workout: Kettle Bell Exercise Routine, Tone at Home Cardio Fitness Training, Burn Fat FAST



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Filmed at Atomic Athlete in Austin, Texas

This video was produced by psychetruth

Music by Scotty B

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34 Responses

  1. I have only one kettle bell sister. How can I do that second exercise?

  2. I did not have a weight or milk jugs so I used my text books. And they work fabulously.

  3. Betty Johns says:

    Blast that Fat Dena.

  4. sagrr30 says:

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  8. Blessed says:

    Wow, this is exactly what I have been looking for. Very doable exercises.

  9. thanks for that,ive done your program 4 times now and gone from a really sore back to almost pain free!

  10. Jesus junkie says:

    Hi Dena. This is a 8 minute routine. It's kinda short. Do you advise to do it 2 to 3 times? Or you think once through is enough? Thank you for your video. And thanks for the milk carton tip.

  11. Siva ji says:

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  12. lakmali max says:

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  21. Anna Perera says:

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  22. Dena Maddie says:

    Yes, I would say weight depends on your strength. There is less stability with the dumbells so don't go too heavy, because some of the exercises are performed with the weight overhead. Anywhere from 5-35 lbs. If form drops or exercises are not performed with control, drop to a lower weight.

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  25. Chadi D says:

    Hello, I just wanna know why is your name Dena Young in another video? I love your videos btw, I often do the cardio and abs exercise.

  26. Dena Maddie says:

    Yes I would say to start with 5-10 pounds and work up based upon your ability. It should be difficult but doable. Thanks for stopping by!

  27. Great video Dina. I have a question: can these exercises be performed using dumbells? And what would be a good weight? Thanks in advance and good luck with all that you do.

  28. Renee Hoch says:

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  29. Hoopermazing says:

    She says "awesome video here at Atomic Athlete in Austin, Texas." I thought that she said "awesome Texas" as well.

  30. Atmos says:

    I like to watch vids like these while eating pizza.

  31. David says:

    I thought you were saying 'awesome Texas', I thought that was a bit odd, but a friend told me this morning that you are actually saying 'Austin, Texas' … lol !

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