This is a complete Male Model Workout Plan. This is an Upper Body and Abs Workout by Abhinav Mahajan to get a lean body like Model in India. Many people do not want a Bodybuilder physique or Huge muscles. They mostly want to look lean and have a model like body. To get a model like body you have to be extremely careful with your workout and diet because you do not want the muscles like back and biceps to be so big. You need to have a good fitting in clothes like shirts and shirts so you need to focus a lot on your Chest and Abs . Male model kaise bane or How to become a model on India was the first video of our series . This is the part 2 of How to Become Model in India or India main Model Kaisey Bane. Complete Model Workout

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We will be training our Upper Body and Abs in this workout and will be focusing on muscles like Chest, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps and Back. A male model needs to have good abdominals and chest cutting or chest shape to look good in front of camera. The arms and back should be huge. Also the deltoids or shoulders should be of decent size and muscularity in order to look good in shirtless pictures.

I have given one alternative exercise with every exercise so that you can use the alternative exercise in Upper Body Workout 2 of the week. This is a great workout for a lean body followed by some Low Intensity cardio after every workout. Bodyweight Exercises like Pushups, pull-ups have been given the priority at the start of the workout. Its also advised that you do 20 Mins Cardio post workout and also perform 15-20 Minsof stretching and flexibility exercises after workout

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Male Model Workout Plan by Abhinav Mahajan

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    You’re my favourite fitness youtuber.
    The reason is you’re someone an Indian teenager or adult can relate to.
    Being in engineering college and facing exams again and again makes it difficult sometimes to follow up with proper diet and workouts.
    Your content is always up to the mark and there’s no clickbait or BS.
    Respect for you Abhinav Bhaiya.

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    Full day of eating video

  20. Hello Abhinav sir. I am a 6'2 guy and I feel the workout structure and it's result is somehow different for tall men. So can you please share some model workout for taller men like me. Love your videos and much love ❤️

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