Hey there! How are you? Its not easy working out but thankfully I am able to try! Still a working progress but I am proud of how far I’ve came! I would love to hear your fitness goal done below!

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16 Responses

  1. I would have to have my knees surgically replaced if I jumped around like that, LOL! But it shows me a lot about your personality seeing you attack this with such enthusiasm…you are living life to the fullest and taking care of that special gift…God bless you, Cindy!!

  2. Hello
    my question is..after how many months of kidney transplant you start gym…or cardio

  3. hi, Cindy i m from india ….i want to ask u about opration site pain after workout…????and mam great inspirational video for post kidney transplant patient …..thanks

  4. rose multani says:

    Hello mam my creatnine level now 1.08 nd urea 39 but idecated urien infection like albumin + plz mam tell me how to reduce urien infection nd my weight not increased what can I do to my weight increase plz tell me worried about my urien infection and weight

  5. KxNPL says:

    Great video! This is a great cardio workout!

  6. Tiana Walker says:

    Currently waiting for a transplant and I’m trying to do the opposite lol. I’ve lost a lot of weight unintentionally and now struggling to gain it back. I love watching your videos, they give me inspiration 💕

  7. dinesh dishu says:

    Hi cindy ur such a inspiration of kidney disease patient
    My brother has sufering from CKD 5. 1.5 year regular on dialysis. I have som quries regarding transplant. So i had humble request to plz contact me

  8. Gautham Elan says:

    Awesome sister u motivating ours.. ☺️😊😊😊

  9. Lamar Love says:

    Your amazing and im so happy I found your channel. I just found out I have stage 4 kidney disease and im worried but your vídeos give me hope

  10. Jim McKnight says:

    Your killing it Cindy. Keep up the hard work it pays off. Your living proof. Inspirational!

  11. BayouBabe82 says:

    I am 3 months post transplant and I cant wait to get back in the gym! My health has kept me in a wheelchair the last few years but now I felt just about ready. I love your channel & I cant wait to get back to making videos on mine to spread awareness about kidney disease. Thank you!💚

  12. Ana Acuna says:

    Hi cindy! Are you on blood pressure medicines? If not, how have u been able to maintain your BP?

  13. Hiit workout has always helped me in my weight loss program post transplant.

  14. Hi Cindy. Hope all is well with you. How long after transplant were you able to exercise.

  15. You are amazing!! I am sweating just watching you. I dont think you even know how much you just inspired me girl!!! I am still afraid to jump. My brain thinks I'll loosen my kidney or something. I know that's crazy, but I cant get it out of my head. I'm gonna start doing a soft jog and build up. Thank you for this awesome video!! Oh, and the day after you cut your hair, I went and cut mine 5 inches also! Feels better and looks thicker! God bless!

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