Join Chris Heria as he shows you the best Home chest workout to achieve real results that you can do anywhere. You don’t need any Equipment to do this workout.

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44 Responses

  1. Sazuar X says:

    You tube ads sucks

  2. Alec W says:

    how often should do i have to do this per week?

  3. Much scientific accuracy.

  4. jack warren says:

    i cant believe i can do this almost as good as you and im age 11

  5. englund1660 says:

    1 like equals 1 push up

  6. Damn this is really helpful

  7. Is this just one set each or should I make it 2 or 3? This burns, but I don't feel as if one set will take me far.

  8. Sleman Saleh says:

    Chris my friend can you teach me how to do a handstand technique.. Please help me with that

  9. Soumyak Das says:

    Tried these 5 each. Next day I can't feel my self 🙄🙏😎 You're STRONG.

  10. wiseman_4u says:

    When I see this dude, I think he's chocking cuz of tattoo

  11. JD Reuyan says:

    What’s the song in 5:07 ? I couldn’t find it. Thanks!

  12. archer push up is hard af

  13. I swear to god his muscle is exausted

  14. Kayan H says:

    Rlly can’t do half of these

  15. Kayan H says:

    Second workout had me looking like a worm

  16. AppleGamer says:

    He made it look easy

  17. does anyone know how to define the inner chest? or work out on that specific part??

  18. Me at the end of video: WOOOO that was intense
    Chris: 3 more rounds….
    Me: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu………….

  19. HE is A BEAST
    one question tho do you ever have cheat days???????]

  20. This is madness I'm only human

  21. This nigga said 3 times right I thought we could pack our bags and call it a week after this one. Gr8 workout will definitely try

  22. Damn beast ur excercice so hard i cant recist

  23. me: died
    Chris: okay.. nice little warm up

  24. Zak says:

    Getting ready for rugby season so im trying this to get bigger

  25. 1 like equals 1 push up

  26. Guys, I am going to do that for 2 week, if you wonder my change just write a message

  27. M Breed says:

    Nothing scarier than a buff asian guy

  28. mujtaba khan says:

    Thanks soo much man. I am doing this workout twice a day for three days now. I already feel it!!! Thanks!!!

  29. yiha9944 says:

    I recently just started some push up thinking to build up my chest. But now I’m having some muscle soreness due to very seldom workout so should I continue my chest build or take 1-2days rest then continue consistently again? Btw, that’s a great video there and u r a role model of body builder many look up to 🙂

  30. Do you have any tips on wrist pain after push ups, like am I doing them wrong or something

  31. 90° hold is very challenging for me. Do you have any alternative for that workout?

  32. Kai kai says:

    This guy is cute AF

  33. Ant X says:

    ty chris these workouts are tops

  34. How many times a week should I do this workout?

  35. lucaroams says:

    Hi Chris, first of all a huge thank you for all that great free content! Really try to be consecutive with my workouts. You‘re a big help. I wonder if you do only work out with own body weight even to gain muscle mass or if you work out with heavy weights to get that massive chest/arms.. happy to hearing from you! Best

  36. Drew George says:

    It's mad that you watch it and it looks hard but achievable, then at the end he hits you with "just three more rounds to go" and you decide you don't even need chest muscles


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