You NEED to Try this! | Full Pull Day Workout & Meals

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21 Responses

  1. I may have forgot my macros, BUT we are having a 50% OFF SALE ON UNTIL SUNDAY!! Enjoy some limited edition stickers, SIGNED posters and more!!

  2. Dan Hal says:

    Best hair lol fix your back

  3. What an awesome collab with rob! I’ve been watching you for maybe about a month now and also enjoy your car involvement too considering I’m into both lifestyles! Definitely inspire me to add more of my S2K to my content!

  4. Fitness and cars kinda go hand in hand. Atleast for me and a lot of the people I know

  5. Act Nasty says:

    Gym and cars my 2 biggest passions! Keep it up Dusty

  6. How do you cycle your test?.

  7. I feel like he should do a separate channel for working out and shit. We need car stuff here

  8. Julian Olson says:

    robs channel is second link in description lol.

  9. What was everything you put in your shake?

  10. i came here for CARS not to watch you do your HAIR and MAKEUP.

  11. juquan lane says:

    12:04 that looked like kali muscle y’all walked by

  12. YourLeader says:

    For all the natty lifters out there…you gotta do more than lat pulldown and rows to get big gains. Wheres the deadlifts? Bent over barbell row? Pull ups/chin ups? Lat pulldown is not a compound movement…terrible info. Still love you though dut.

  13. Not to bust you're bubble. But your basically using got 2 be glue. For the gel… Got 2 be glue is the number one gel, its healthy for you and it stays in your hair even when water is on it. You can remove is by using shampoo or just standing under the shower.

  14. Joey DeMaria says:

    where u get that tank top?!

  15. Chris Sharp says:

    I love the Lenny and Larry’s cookies and that blueberry cobbler is amazing 😉💪🏿👀✅👨🏿‍💻🤓🎥

  16. Daniel Mills says:

    Macro counting video – YES!

  17. 11:27 fucking mint form to the bloke in the back! ahhah

  18. Such a good job done on this video 👍

  19. Hai D. Where the macros ofbthe shake at the beginning…
    Nice fitness content D.

  20. Wes' TECH says:

    The Golds @ Venice Beach. Epic, just epic.

  21. djlotus04 says:

    one of your best videos, the vibes and energy in this video is unreal, great to see your doing collab' with like minded people, you should deffs put more on the cards as this made for an awesome video. Rob is a mountain of knowledge, keep killing it Dustin ✌️

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