KETOGENIC DIET | Shred Fat & Build Muscle

WBFF Pro, Daniel Ventura explains what the Ketogenic diet is, why he’s been following it for the last 20 years and how it has helped him transform his body.

Find out how to eat like a champion physique model.

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44 Responses

  1. So if he does cardio in morning while fasting when is the weight training?

  2. Lazlum says:

    How much money do you spend weekly on food?

  3. Starlord101 says:

    Youtube ad : STOP please do not exercise I beg you!

  4. GhANeC says:

    Hi all. Been doing HIIT + keto diet + OMAD dry fasting 5-6 days/week. At first I steadily got leaner + growing muscle. But not sure I ever got the keto meal right. So now I'm fearing my body's gone stale. Worse, days ago at work I slipped and hurt/inflamed my middle back. It keeps coming back, specially if I sit or stand for long, or after workout. So had to stop HIIT and pushups, might keep trying ab exercises. Don't cook much, except a frozen simple piece of meat or fish, but I also buy avocados, eggs, brazil nuts, green vegs, blueberries, hard cheese, olives, green tea, black coffee. Any suggestions what quantities of these things should make a keto OMAD? Any suggestions of chest/arms workouts safe for your back? (don't have any equipment at home I'm afraid) Thankyou!

  5. Jenna Talia says:

    You make me feel tingly

  6. HR AALE says:

    Bored of Netflix ad

  7. D G says:

    your a muscle bound calorie burning furnace , your diet will kill me off

  8. D G says:

    people with high bodyfat percentage need to totally strip fat , carbs and calories . just lean fatless meats and fish must be eaten . below 700 calories a day , so your body feeds on your fat reserves . and the little protein prevents starvation

  9. D G says:

    its easy for people with 2 to 6 % bodyfat say this , who train everyday , this theory will not work to someone with 50 – 150% bodyfat who are inactive

  10. D G says:

    block of cheese and some pork scratchings then . get my carbs from pastry on a pork pie ?

  11. lmr Pdr says:

    Laziness makes a person fat

  12. Bruce says:

    Fat literally does make you fat tho

  13. BrandonTheFA says:

    Hard to wrap my mind around it’s good to eat fatty foods.

  14. Macadamias Eggs and Bacons Mayonnaise’s double cream Coconut oil.

  15. Man that last thing he said just have me all the motivation in the world to not eat.

  16. Shafi says:

    Very clear, concise explanation but can anyone actually confirm all this is correct? I see everyone giving different advice and I don't know who to believe anymore.

  17. Average weight rn is 230 goal is to drop and build it up to 200 in muscle

  18. nakuboy says:

    I rather Use 40%protein, 40%fats and 20% carbs

  19. Im skinny fat.. i have stubborn build up fat in some places 🤨

  20. StylesxYT says:

    I'm trying to cut will this work whilst I am burning also how much should I eat thanks

  21. david ramsey says:

    U can't build muscle fast with ketogenic's fucking slow….

  22. shit… love this guy!

  23. NoneTheLess says:

    Do i have to be on caloric deficit while on keto

  24. J B says:

    Nice voice 😊

  25. Wouldn't the bulletproof coffee break the fast?

  26. Sticki says:

    Early man 100’s of thousands of years ago?

  27. My cheat meal is chic fil a i also do a full 24 hour fast every sunday because chic fil a is closed lol

  28. Last Lotus says:

    So we not gonna talk about how he names every fucking dragon ball character. Aight.

  29. shirzad k says:

    You forgot to mention the steroids you take lol

  30. wenjingsaf says:

    idk if this guy knows you can make keto sweets? or is he just super strict cuz he needs to look ripped

  31. Jump Gang says:

    Sounds like Jeremy Kyle

  32. .period says:

    holy crap everyone has so many tips I’m lost. Im 5’8 , weighed 165lbs. And went to 135 in two months on keto diet . NOT GOOD ! Well good but I look skinny. I got a Nice 6 pack though. I Cut out sugar and carbs cold turkey , I eat large salads twice a day with chicken . And many other keto friendly stuff.

    WHat do I eat to gain more weight in keto!? I keep hearing eat brown rice but it’s carbs . So I’m stuck

  33. gcam83 says:

    I'd buy ice from you if i was an Eskimo

  34. Guitar73 T says:

    If you are 10 lbs overweight and want to put on muscle. Would it be better to bulk then do keto, or lose weight with keto then bulk?

  35. Apostle Paul says:

    if you have a girlfriend, don’t follow this method. (if you know, you know)

  36. ADHD Patrick says:

    Good informative video, Daniel seems to be nice and friendly guy

  37. I'm 17 and play lot of sport and I want to look kinda ripped. I do have alot of muscle but I feel it's not as defined as it should. Plz help

  38. I'm 17 and play lot of sport and I want to look kinda ripped. I do have alot of muscle but I feel it's not as defined as it should. Plz help

  39. I get zero inspiration from watching this guy and why would I when I am 25 stone slob of just pure fat and I’m more than happy feeding my over indulged stomach that craves no less than 20 cheeseburgers a day…the only squats I will be doing today will be on the shitter after this next feed

  40. Thanks for sharing this video. It's very interesting and helpful video.

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