Kids Exercise – Kids Workout At Home

This short and easy workout is suitable for kids who need to exercise at home or in the gym.

This workout improves their flexibility, improves their muscle strength, helps burn any unnecessary body fat while also boosting their metabolism and improving cardio circulation.

Exercise should be a part of every kid’s life early on, to ensure that their bodies develop correctly, uniformly and healthy.

Remember that you need to exercise 4-5 days per week for 3-4 weeks to start seeing results.

After you complete this workout make sure to leave a comment below the video and tell me how you feel, and if this workout was easy or not!

Make sure to subscribe to receive video workouts regularly every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Good luck and let’s begin!!❤️💪

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47 Responses

  1. Mariah says:

    I’m going to be doing this so I can get in shape for when school starts. And I want to be more healthy and fit.

  2. My dog was bitting me and chewing on my hair the whole time i did this O_O I still needed to do it! i was really insecure! thank you for sharing this!

  3. Kiana Marie says:

    Ok so I’m 11 and I want to lose weight to be exact I want to lose belly fat and get skinny on my legs and arms will this work

  4. *Cadie * says:

    I did all of that, that is amazing thanks

  5. Fish Fish says:

    Im gonna try to do this everyday to be in shape! Im 11 and i weigh 106 pounds, i have some tummy and thigh weight, so i hope i lose some of that so i can fit in these jeans i always wanted to wear

  6. so «i tried this for the first time and i am gonna start doing this every morning after I make my bed brush my teeth and get ready thanks

  7. BTS ARMY says:

    How many time do we have to do it?

  8. Me: drops to floor not so bad..

    Video: let's begin the work out..

    Me: it's trying to kill me!

  9. BTS ARMY says:

    Can u please tell me stuff that I shouldn’t eat and eat please comment and does. This exercise help ur stomach flat?

  10. Kaylee Vega says:

    Im 9 and i HATE my body but i try to not worry about that but

  11. JULIA MAYBEN says:

    I tried it. Today. I'll be 12 soon. My goal is at least 100 lbs. I weight around 120. I'll begin when school starts next month, or I'll start the first day next month. How long do I have to do this till I'm good. I just wanna be skinny 😂. I look pregnant in my opinion. I'm going to do this for my health and fitness. Thank you for making this 🙂

  12. I'm trieing to become a new woman for school 😤 Anyone else? XD

  13. 1 like=2 squats lol i needa work out more

  14. i just tired 11 in the begging of he month and i’m about 5 or 6 mins in (its paused) and i’m already feeling better! i have bad feeling about my body fat so i always wear hoodies but when i found this today since i’ve been trying to work out i lit up 💞

  15. I weigh something in the hundreds and I want to try to get to at least 60

  16. I'm sunburned right now but do I care no I'm going to keep doing this until I look great

  17. I'm on my tablet right now watching this and I'm just going to take pictures on my phone to see how good I am doing because I don't have a weight scale yay

  18. Weird EJ says:

    I'm doing this so i can become strong 💪 and not become one of those kids who just stay inside. Please give me some advice from what I should do to become stronger and what I should do to be healthy. Also sub to my channel please!

  19. Im a 9 almost 10yr old im not doing this because someone told me to im doing because im not healthy

  20. Sometimes when im lazy just push ups and situps

  21. Football manager brought me here😂

  22. Hetzabel • says:

    When I see people saying that they workout for themselves makes me happy because at least they appreciate themselves ❤️

  23. TechyTaura says:

    “Now, let’s begin the workout!”

    Me: 😨

    Overall, this was really great. Lately, I have been trying to make myself more active and energetic, so I will continue doing this. I’m not doing this for weight loss – just for myself! 🙂

  24. Julia Ho says:

    This is fairly simple workout but I get tired very fast because I’m lazy 3> ya

  25. Im so proud of my self, i had egg and little salt and 2 pieces of toast (ik its bad) for breakfast for dinner ri had chicken breast with lettuce, and little salt.and. did this exercise so happy.

  26. STOB IT says:

    Day 1 : done.
    Day 2 : done.
    Day 3 : done.

  27. I have been doing this for some days and I can tell the difference

  28. Remothiru 11 says:

    I'm so tired but I'm enjoying this so I likes

  29. Duty of work says:

    Oh come on now I weigh 1 pounds

  30. Maria Rabih says:

    i really like your workouts I don't think i'm fat i'm just gonna be doing Athletics on Tuesday and I just wanna get my legs prepared and if somebody says your fat just remember that you are always beautiful in the inside and the outside. I love this workout and I love you I will do this workout every single day bye 🙂

  31. LeliFanPage says:

    My Sisters and Mom call me fat so I am starting to do this until I reach 80 pounds I am 200 pound wish me luck!

  32. KawaiiKitten says:

    This is a warmup for a warmup

  33. Lily Savoy says:

    I’m 12 and I’m 126 pounds 😭 I’ve done workouts before and seen absolutely no difference even when people do comment that it works… so I’m going to do this and update in a month or 2

  34. I’m only 10 and weigh 90 pounds so trying to loose 35 pounds🤞🏻

  35. I have being doing this for the past two days and today is my third day and I am trying to do this for two weeks or more

  36. I love this workouts it helps me alot

  37. treyplays says:

    How many times a day should I do this

  38. I came here to see this hot girl doing her thing
    My dick is hxxx

  39. Thank you, I want to be how I really am, definitely doing this tomorrow

  40. Girl who ever you are you got me sweating and im doing this for now on thank you

  41. Im gonna do this for a week and I will update on the results starting on Monday

  42. Hyped Man says:

    I have to be Sirius but I lost 10 pounds for doing this for 2 days

  43. paco pacheco says:

    well this is my first day doing this and I think this a nice and video cause I'm nine and I feel like people call me fat inside their mind but really I don't care anymore cause once I found this video I feel like other lots of people feel the same way like me so now I'm gonna continue this every single week And I weight 93 pounds if I'm right and I'm gonna keep you updated once I lost some weight 😃😃😃😃

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