25 Minute Barefoot BALANCE + STRENGTH Workout, Functional Fitness for Women Over 50

Level TWO | ALL standing, NO cardio | DUMBBELLS | BURN 125 – 150 calories

This one’s for my ladies of a “certain age” – we’re working on BALANCE and STRENGTH today, which are two critical components of active aging.

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This fun barefoot workout is simple – there are only four exercises – but the work is complex – every exercise recruits multiple muscle groups while challenging your core stabilizers. This is how we’re working on fall prevention AND bone health in just 25 minutes.

Functional fitness like this is SO important for women over 50! The time to improve your balance, build muscle tone, strengthen your core and increase bone density is NOW (before we need it).

Here’s what this STRENGTH TRAINING workout, done regularly, can do for YOU:
💪 Improve coordination in your feet and ankles
💪 Build core strength for balance
💪 Help prevent falls
💪 BONUS! – shape your body

This Thorough Thursday routine has NO floor work and includes a warm up and cool down.

Arm Circles with High Knees
Arm Crossers with Booty Kickers
Welcome to My Homes

Complete each exercise for 10 reps; repeat the circuit twice

Single Leg Biceps Curls
Kicking Peek a Boos
Balancing Side Bends
Single Leg Squat and Reach

Flying Fast Ups


😅 EXTENDED COOL DOWN: https://youtu.be/V2CTHi7R6Pc

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15 Responses

  1. Awesome! I really enjoyed it! Thank you Pahla!

  2. Loved this! And, it was harder than t looks. Thank you!

  3. Trice Pruitt says:

    I love how you make working out so accessible! And I love how you talk non stop! Keeps my mind occupied!

  4. Another winner in both physical and mental! I truly appreciate all the comments you make about how you notice your form being incorrect. That always makes me focus more to see if I’m doing that or something similar. For me it was the hip out on the squat. Didn’t even notice it until you mentioned it but now I know to watch out for that😉
    Thank you dear Pahla💖

  5. Janet K. says:

    Got through this one with a big smile!  ("My alleged good side"  "We've been squatting since we were cavemen").   I literally LOLed.  AND I really, really enjoyed this workout.  I'm bookmarking this one because I don't think I work on balance enough.  Thanks, Pahla.

  6. Garlic Girl says:

    I love how you have integrated all the components of fitness into workouts!!

  7. I love how u talk to us throughout the workout i ABSOLUTELY love ur vids please can u do a hiit weighted boxing workout

  8. What an awesome balance challenge!

  9. I’m always amazed at how much I sweat from workouts like this 😅 this was perfect for my busy day and for my not so perfect back. Those squats though were no joke! Lol Balance work is amazing thank you so much Pahla 💕

  10. MrsSoup76 says:

    Loved this one! I'm energized and dripping sweat. Thanks again for another great workout Pahla!

  11. I love workout for balance 😘

  12. Rita Muller says:

    This is such an important workout Pahla dear. I so appreciate not only the strength training part, but especially the pace of movement. I broke my left patella a couple of years ago because I always tend to move myself way to fast, and not just walking but my all my body parts. It’s hard to slow one’s pace at 65 after going at cardio speed for decades. Sigh! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Dawn Smith says:

    Thanks so much for this strength and balance workout. Great to know also my brain gets a break during a warmup😂. I think I LOVE working out barefoot 💃💃

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