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Toned arm workout for women over 50 | fabulous50s TONED ARM WALKING WORKOUT targeting the arms and upper body strength For Women! Tone your arms arms and get rid of those Flabby Bat Wings forever! This 10 minute workout for toned arms is for for mature women over 50, requires no equipment and can be done as an at home workout…This low impact arm workout is challenging but very doable and the combination of indoor walking and low impact toning exercises is perfect for fat loss and overall fitnes … try this easy to follow 10 minute Best Toning Arm Workout For Women Over 50 and you will be on your way to creating strong, toned arms that look great in sleeveless tops and dresses for summer!

Welcome to fabulous50s! Here you will find content that relates to how to look younger, mature skincare, anti aging, wrinkles, how to dress over 50, style, fitness, health and beauty over 50. All the videos here have you, a mature Woman in mind and if you have any questions or video suggestions for mature Women, please feel free to leave your comment below.

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Disclaimer: Information provided in this video is of a general nature only and is for entertainment/educational purposes. We strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. Performing any of these exercises is done so at your own risk.

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36 Responses

  1. newclee says:

    Thanks for this quick workout! A good pick me up for the afternoon slump!

  2. Diane Brady says:

    So glad you've gone back to the Latin rhythm – can't keep still when this is playing!!!

  3. Omg woman petfect .. beautiful 😍😚😘😙

  4. Ewa Gajewska says:

    Thank you 👍😍🙏

  5. Wowww.
    Nice video.
    Thanks a million.

  6. Patty Cake says:

    I have a knot in the shoulder blade. But when I did them fluently it did not aggravate at all. You make it so fun and I like the clock my brain needs that. The buzzer was a suprise, lol.

  7. Thank you for this. It was just what I needed. I'm going to do this everyday. I was trying to go out walking for 15 minutes everyday but something always happens and I don't go out, then I feel bad because I didn't exercise. I can do this everyday I can't go walking.

  8. Love the music 🎵. Makes me want to dance 💃

  9. Jill Damron says:

    The workout is fabulous and I like the music. Normally I don’t care for music in many of the exercise videos i do, and I just follow the exercise and play my own music but this one was very doable 😊

  10. You’re amazing! Shellea, Thank you so much for this lovely routine! Thank you so much for your precious time encouraging us to be, look and feel good!

  11. Love this workout another good one do every morning and I think I have 3 all together that I do and I feel great thank you so much for sharing have a great weekend 😊

  12. Conchita W says:

    Your exercise videos are so addictive. During the menopause I was not very active but since your exercise videos, I just enjoy it so much working out with you and it shows. Thank you so much! Have a lovely day! 🌹

  13. Gloria D says:

    Thank you so much for all you do for us! I have shared your link with my youtube friends. I love your channel. It has been extremely beneficial to me.

  14. Great timing for me Shellea, I’m in the middle of radiation treatments for breast cancer and really need to get some movement in my life and take care of myself. I obviously couldn’t (and didn’t) do everything. But this felt amazing. Thanks.

  15. LOVE it….I use my mini tramp/rebounder for the 30 seconds of walking and get that extra boost…YEAH..

  16. Sooo enjoyed this!! Going to be part of my daily routine from now on…love the music and your happy attitude😊

  17. Schellea so glad that I found you. Thank you for being such and inspiration.. I purchased Take Control of Your Health and avoid the sickness industry…great book and thanks for the suggestion. I have shared with a friend and cannot tell you how grateful I am for the information provided….your workouts are great for me….(64 yo) I am also part of a fitness group on line and every month we have a specific challenge, the month of July is squats, I am up to 130 per day and the final challenge will be 150 a day by July 31st…thanks for all that you do and I am so grateful to be able to workout with you every day….have an amazing weekend…Cheryl

  18. Hi Schellea. Thanks again for yr wonderful enthusiasm and positivity. Exercise is certainly great for the endorphins, so mental and physical wellbeing are really getting a good fix. All the best you lovely lady. Sending you sunshine from Qld x🌞🌺🧜‍♀️

  19. Hey looking so pretty…smiling n energetic as always…great attitude at 50…👍

  20. Ann Wilson says:,❗

  21. How often should this be done every week or every day ?

  22. Ann Wilson says:


  23. I get such a confidence boost watching your videos. Another good one.

  24. D. H. says:

    That was fun, thank you Schellea! Have a lovely weekend 😉

  25. Cassy Green says:

    Enjoyed doing this with you!! I have begun a playlist this week and am adding my daily workouts to it. Thank you for the variety in your videos. I plan to rotate my list weekly and will have a full body, low impact workout to do on a regular basis. I appreciate your channel in many ways.

  26. Perfect! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  27. Kristi Knine says:

    Love love love it! Thank you Schellea for another awesome video!! I love your energy and your beautiful smile 😃🌸❤️

  28. Thank you for sharing this video..

  29. I’m addicted to body weight workouts! Most upper body use weights! This workout is awesome for the upper body! Thank you!

  30. Thanks will be adding this to my routine and god you don’t half look like Jennifer Aniston!!

  31. andrea says:

    wow….I'm working with you. Thank You !!

  32. any. sekara. says:

    Thank you so much.Please make a video tone breast workout.please thank you.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  33. jo jo says:

    You have such a great attitude. Always smiling! Thnx great low impact workout.

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