Equip Yourself: 5 Bodyweight Exercises

Ditch the equipment and workout using the weight of your own body with these at-home exercises from personal trainer Brett. For a more intense workout, repeat this video twice or go to the next one in the playlist.

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33 Responses

  1. mal'ak emeth says:

    Gotta love when yoru trainer is just as AVERAGE LOOKING as you. lol

    Kinda like a construction worker whose house is below par for his profession

    … or a painter whose house is faded…

    … or an accountant who doesn't have any saved up $$$ …

    … or a dentist with bad teeth …

    … or a skinny chef. (do you REALLY trust a SKINNY chef!? Really!?)

    Just saying.

  2. Hobnob Head says:

    The transverse lunges are bad for knees and should be cast aside like a lot of exercises, the knee is a hinge joint, enough said, unlike

  3. M M says:

    One day, I hope to be fit like Brett.

  4. Thank you so much for your exercise brother 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Bro this
    Workout is for girls.😅

  6. Zool Freaky says:

    I'm skinny af. Can i do this?

  7. Violet V says:

    Good workout why there is many negative comments its workout just like other videos what do u want are u all more professionals!!! So show us your workouts lets see you geniuses, maybe its not suitable for you so u will choose another not every wotkouys for everyone, there is many guys cant do hard workouts

  8. Mixed Creeps says:

    lmao, did you guys try this before commenting? Or you're just a keyboard warrior eating a cheeseburger?

  9. Jiggums says:

    I don’t know why I’m watching this, I’ll never work out.

  10. My power has doubled since the last time we me.

  11. Warm up is cool but what about the real work out ?👍👎

  12. Dameon Egan says:

    Im Need Workout Sometime

  13. Mehmud Asad says:

    R these exercises for skinny people sir !!!

  14. craaab peeeople, craaaab peeople

  15. Is this suitable for women too?

  16. Grubinator says:

    Will this make me heavier, cuz that's what I'm going for

  17. na cb says:

    this is a joke…looks like it

  18. Paul Albert says:

    This guy is not a pillar of fitness. Looks soft and squishy. Sad.

  19. So basically animal flow. Lol

  20. Daz says:

    What’s with all the animal names?

  21. This is a joke, right?


  22. Please go.to mental doctor amd.take advise from dem before giving wrong advise

  23. Doctor Oz look way fitter here.

  24. The exercises u have shown r obsolete n waste of time

  25. Yeah buddy im bigger then you…. I want to gain muscle not loose it

  26. U look like your in horrible shape sir

  27. You are also fat man first do your fat low

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