Hey everyone!

Today’s video is for any of you who want to start going to the gym or working out but aren’t sure how to! I’ve gone through some of the training styles I use (weightlifting, cardio, functional and calisthenics) but it’s by no mean an extensive list because there are so so many ways to get healthy, lose fat and build muscle! I hope you enjoy it!

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32 Responses

  1. Hey everyone! So I've had quite a few requests for a video on how to start at the gym and I really hope this is helpful!

    My next video will be a return to How I'm Getting Lean for Summer, so let me know what topics you want me to cover with regards to how I'm eating or training and I'll do my best!

    Lots of love!

  2. This is so helpful! Thank you Natacha!

  3. This was so informative I love it

  4. Are you doing all of this in a day?

  5. shookdr m.d. says:

    watching in 2019…………..where did you get those strength!

  6. neurologic says:

    Very informational! thank you

  7. Alon Barkai says:

    U are like the girl equivalent of vitruvian physique

  8. Jana K says:

    A gym instructor who can look at your technique… Or just your butt

  9. na -jj says:

    Can you say Calvin Klein

  10. Very helpful!! Thank you!!🙏🏽☺️

  11. SOMEONE PLS TELL ME what is the name of the song she plays for intro and outro?

    They were not listed in the description:(

  12. jasper black says:

    Which exercises aren’t functional exercises ?

  13. Thank you for making the faces no one wants to admit they make at the gym 😂😍

  14. Trxgiic_ AK says:

    Women always only work out their legs, theres so much more to the human body to workout.

  15. Well done you certainly WORKED OUT at the gym!

  16. chasalv says:

    Hey, where is that gym? I like it.

  17. Ariyah Onyx says:

    What kind of exercises are for strength training and core training that I can do at home without weights?? I'm doing cardio, hiit workouts and ab workouts at home ..I want to flatten my belly and see a little bit of definition but I dont know the best strength and core exercises for that…

  18. If I saw someone like you in the gym in my beginner days, i would be fully distracted by your beauty.

  19. How do you rotate between all these different types of workouts throughout the week?

  20. Kitty B says:

    Umm I click this for beginners and the first seconds consist of straight beasting😂😫 I see how it could be motivating but it just made me feel like a piece of shit

  21. Mabel Tan says:

    At 6:00, what is this move called?

  22. honestly watching you workout hurts my muscles

  23. She made me so nervous during the intro doing the squats shaking🥺

  24. Rubaia Urmi says:

    Which gym do you go to?

  25. The Gym is so awsomeeee

  26. Tren E says:

    Have you got a fitness qualification?

  27. T Borisenko says:

    Kudos to doing sprints on the treadmill… I didn’t think of just leaving the treadmill on the speed and jumping off on intervals. The speeding up and slowing down can be a drag on intervals!

  28. Every time I do HIT on a treadmill I sound like a fucking rhinoceros

  29. Emma Emma says:

    just tried some barbell squats and deadlifts today…I was so nervous lmao. and it was harder than it looks! i'm glad i did it

  30. Kim says:

    you are bulky thi

  31. Im allergic to exersize- everytime i do it it makes me sweaty, makes my heart beat fast and my muscles ache 🙁

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