4 Quick Exercise Warm-Ups

Doing a functional warm-up instead of static stretching before exercise offers various benefits, says Daniel Hass, DPT, SCS. The movements increase body temperature, heart rate and blood flow. Hass says he recommends these movements as being more beneficial and effective than static stretches.

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36 Responses

  1. Chacarron91 says:

    Nothing for upper body?

  2. Sean says:

    He should increase his reps and maybe one day he will have the strength to do his tie all the way up lol

  3. One of of Zig Ziglar's talks he said that "If you remember what I was wearing then I failed"….As trainers our outfit should not attract attention and take away from the message.

  4. These warm ups are super helpful and just what I needed to boost my mind muscle connection

  5. These are all very good moves. Try to make your own version of this for your warm up. Do more arm roles

  6. Thanks for this, love to prevent injury!

  7. kentobin13 says:

    More of a stretching routine than a warm-up. Definitely not what I need.

  8. Space Muffin says:

    Karen looks really depressed


  9. Shabss says:

    Why he in a shirt and tie 😂😂

  10. Sons crying now thanks karen

  11. Hiba Mansour says:

    Thanks for the video👍

  12. Hiba Mansour says:

    Are these exercises useful before Zumba?

  13. The warmup is really good but for video purpose, someone should have fixed his tie! It looks unprofessional (but funny)!

  14. Zack Owl says:

    You look like Dave Batista

  15. J P says:

    1.The walking lounge
    2.side sumo squat
    3.butt kicks
    4.Toy soldiers
    5.Knees to chest

  16. Ah fuck Karen took the kids

  17. Nahida Islam says:

    i have pain around my kneecaps, dang, thats what happens when you exercise, try to warm up for exercise after years argh

  18. thetoughones says:

    *slaps roof of karen
    This bad boy can help you exercise

  19. the guy talks like kermit the frog lmao

  20. S. S. Lee says:

    Useless video. No credibility at all.

  21. heartdocat says:

    Watched the video, consulted my health care practitioner 37 times…

  22. Side Effects says:

    Am I the only one who pretty much can't do lunges? I mean especially holding that pose like her there's no way in hell I can do that

  23. Bar Irwin says:

    He tryna sell us second hand gym equipment

  24. Karen looks pissed with these instructions 😂🤣

  25. Heee iss soo sexyyyy 😍😍😍

  26. Thanks for the helpful information but maybe you should try a sport wear next time instead of suit. 🙂

  27. I thought you're an orthopedic doctor in the beginning and not the trainer.

  28. Wu Te says:

    I dont believie a guy with tie talking about workout …

  29. Tippy Magoo says:

    What about warm ups for the upper body and back?

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