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Hey what’s up guys so this is the most demanding video by each subscriber.

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Dropping a highly anticipated INDIA SPECIFIC FITNESS video today! So for some reason a full day of eating video has been requested more than any other. Now that you guys know what a indian diet looks like, Here’s my meals for everyday. This applies to all Indian men and boys. If you’re a female viewer, remember, our bodies are virtually the same. The same diet WILL apply to you, with a slight reduction in overall macros. I wanted to show you guys how to LOOK AT YOUR FOOD. I’m not one of those guys who counts carb and fat macros, but I make sure I’m certain with my protein NUMBERS. Because as a GYMMER, its THAT important. The rule of thumb is to keep a track of your protein intake ALWAYS, even if you make rough estimates of the other two. I’m gonna show you what diet I take everyday. Enjoy this video 🙂

I’ll be making more videos of workout, meals, unique aesthetic stuff etc.
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50 Responses

  1. Bro ke toh four pack hai six nhi hai

  2. Sir plzz help me for this question can I consume apple cider vinegar and black coffee in diet?

  3. Is it necessary to take supplements?

  4. anil kumar says:

    Jitna kha rha h body ko lag ni rha h tujhe

  5. tig ritesh says:

    Waiting for Pure vegetarian diet without supplements

  6. Piyush Kumar says:

    Ye meal too costly yaar

  7. Deepak Kumar says:

    Workout k baad kya khaate ho aap ?

  8. Hi bro this video is very useful to all but I have a doubt whether the weigh protein is necessary for everyone.

  9. Bhai woh light ki switch nahi thi

  10. Desi mums feed you with so much oil when you are dieting 😂

  11. How much protein do u take in a day

  12. Avi bhardwaj says:

    Bas bhai itna hi kha ke kaise body bna lete ho iska 4 guna jada hi ham khate hai par body nhi ban rhi

  13. Samir Das says:

    Cretien kitna bar lena 1 day mai

  14. Manoj Kumar says:

    Brother abs ka workout 1 week mein kitne din karna chaiye plsss rply aur diet kaisi leni chahiye abs k liye

  15. Manoj Kumar says:

    Brother abs k liye tips do plsss ab kaise banau mai apne

  16. Ram Sheeba says:

    Soon ur liver get spoil… To much of supplements s harmful

  17. Aakash Kumar says:

    Koi problem to nhi hogi

  18. Aakash Kumar says:

    Kitne k aayga bhai protein

  19. Aakash Kumar says:

    Kon flavour h bhai g

  20. boutique bi says:

    Est ce vous pouvez faire tes vidéos en français ?

  21. Bhai begginer keliye konsa protein achha hai.aur kese use karenge

  22. Sayak Gupta says:

    Supplement zaruri hai kya

  23. Sachin Jose says:

    Bodybuilding profession he ya .or koi job b he?

  24. madhujee jee says:

    Im going to gym but idnt know how to work out🏋🚴💯💪 steps

  25. madhujee jee says:

    Bro basic bodybuilders training step by step tell me please

  26. Subham Hati says:

    Fitness se pehele ka photo daldo bhai mere liye

  27. Subham Hati says:

    Apke jaisa fit bana dona

  28. agr bhai hum subha gym karenga toh diet yhi rahagi ful day
    reply zaroor karna

  29. sunil rajput says:

    Y daiet hai jamwar khana

  30. Nice video💪💪💪💪

  31. good dite broo par day is your dite

  32. AIIMS MBBS says:

    Creatinine damages kidneys in long term

  33. The D.C.S says:

    If you want to know world bast protein?

  34. Bhai Slim Hone Yeah Follow Kare To Achaa hoga

  35. How to make by shapes

  36. please, make video on gym schedules & which exercises do it ?

  37. pavan kumar says:

    Hi bro I am pavan
    I need the diat for running fitness for psi
    Plz tell me the diat

  38. Sethi Yadav says:

    Bhai mere paas ganier fast proteen h kasa h ye

  39. FunkupGamer says:


  40. Thumbnail looking like a slave Hungary for food🤣

  41. Varun Gowda says:

    bro speak in English its better that south Indians can also understand

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