GROW a BOOTY and TONE legs – GYM workouts Weights and Machines !!

I wanted to share with you guys the workouts that I’ve been doing at the gym that have been giving my butt this super round LIFTED perky pop and toned out my legs, it’s added so much VOLUME I’m in awe!

I’ll be posting complete workouts. This video is for legs and glutes and isn’t solely glute isolation exercises. I’ll be posting more videos of my hard core glute day! I wanted to post this because since I’ve been doing this particular routine I’m been seeing results so quickly ( within a few months) & has me so excited to continue hitting the gym!

There are some HIIT workouts here and weights including the barbell, the leg press, the leg extensions, and hip abductor! Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see!

Leave me a comment down below on what my next video should include or what area you want to see my GYM routine for!

Thank you guys so much!

IF YOU”RE A BEGINNER ; free free to halve the amount of squats at the beginning.

Barbell squats
Total 100

Walking lunges+Weight x20
Explosive lunge-squat-lunge x10
Bulgarian split squats X10
Cross bench still lunge X15
3 machines
5-6 Sets/ 15-20 Reps each Increase weigh each Set
Leg Press
Leg Extension
Hip Abduction

1 Standing Hip Abduction (20)

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50 Responses

  1. Simplyy Tye says:

    2/3 Times a Week

    * Barbell Squats 0:13 – time stamp
    10 sets of 10

    * Walking Lunges + Weight 2:48 – Time stamp
    3 sets – 20 Lunges Each

    * Explosive Side Center Side Lunges 4:05 – time stamp
    3 sets of 10 Reps

    * Cross Bench Still Lunge 5:55 – time stamp
    3 sets of 15 reps

    * Bulgarian Split Squats 6:26 – Time stamp
    2/3 Sets of 10 reps

    * Leg Press 7:50 – Time Stamp
    5/6 Sets : 15-20 Reps
    Increase Weight Each Time

    * Leg Extension 8:40 – time stamp
    3-5 Sets : 15-20 reps
    Increase Weight Each time

    * Hip Abduction 9:30 – Time Stamp
    5-6 Sets : 15-20 Reps
    Increase Weight Each Time

  2. I want to do this but scared to use those machines cause I’m shy.

  3. N G says:

    Thank you so much now I don’t have to be bothered with a personal trainer or bug the gym employees thank you so much. These thick thighs need toning and a proper workout. I’m going to take it easy and work my way up reps‼️🌞👌🏾🙏🏾👍🏾💡🤩

  4. Kimm says:

    Do you have to squeeze your butt when you get up ?

  5. Cake Pop says:

    Do you recommend the stair master for bigger booty?

  6. lmao anyone else notices the guy staring at her doing the standing hip abductions

  7. so happy to see someone in PF 😩 most exercise youtubers go to expensive gyms that don't have the same machines as PF ! thank you for this great video ! i will definitely be trying out these exercises at my next gym visit 💛

  8. Prubh Kaur says:

    I tried doing this in the gym today and my legs killed me today 😂

  9. What time did you go to the love to go to the gym with it looking like that

  10. Same routine for a month or do you do you change it up every other week?

  11. texas strong says:

    Dont matter if u do 1 million squats I'll stay amd watch lol

  12. Thanks for doing this at planet fitness, I was worried about what I could do there. I think you just sold then a new membership! Excited for this burn!!

  13. kween kylie says:

    do you always do this at the gym? how do you get creative/come up with workouts?

  14. Omg they’re gross looking at her ugh! Hate that shit!!

  15. I love this video it is motivating me to keep going thank you for what you do

  16. The guy looking at you when you did the standing hip abduction😭😭

  17. toyarj37 says:

    Those guys looking is why I do t like going to the gym. I have a big butt so it’s pretty noticeable lol

  18. Just did this workout. Loved it and i feel so freaking good. Thank you

  19. If I had a GF with her ass type. I would be eating that ass every day.

  20. CoriMcNeal says:

    i just found this video while doing some searching for good workouts for my butt. and off the bat i noticed she did something way way wrong. never put the smith machine bar or any bar on your shoulders/neck. it supposed to be a lot lower on your shoulder blades or else you will serious hurt yourself

  21. Ty Dolla says:

    So how often do you do this workout?

  22. First try. Made it to the cross bench part and had a few choice words for the gym. I’ll try again in two days.

  23. Please answer !! Do you do this every time you go to the gym ??

  24. Dan Stafford says:

    You can take any squat exercise and turning it into a butt exercise…. hence the term she's doing butt squats!

  25. dozangyl79 says:

    What is the name of the plant based protein you use?

  26. Rose Stolarz says:

    What is your pre workout drink?

  27. Destiny Cruz says:

    But aren’t you supposed to keep your back straight when you do squats

  28. When will I see a change in my cellulite on my butt and thighs? With 3 x a week.

  29. But I am a total beginner, I don’t think I can do all these

  30. Thx for all this I’ve seen so much progress

  31. Hazel Gomez says:

    What's the shake that she is drinking?

  32. Pero ni estas marcada así pues que chiste

  33. Duuuude that’s my gym

  34. How do you keep the benches from sliding all over the place at planet fitness? Every time I try to do hip thrusts the benches start sliding! I had to prob one against the wall last time

  35. Jada Norwood says:

    My thighs are big but my booty is low key flat lol, will this make my thighs bigger because I really only want my butt to grow ?

  36. that is here in Laredo right

  37. Maciah Swope says:

    @Virginia F did you do a protein shake to start noticing a difference?

  38. Trisha Romah says:

    yooo booty is amazing

  39. My knees could NEVER 😭

  40. Y'ALL want to see my booty……….I didn't think so🤞

  41. Diana C says:

    Mmmmmm planet fitness yes.😭🙈💪

  42. m says:

    fist day … could only do the 100 squats and the lunges …. lol don’t worry i’ll be back 🥵

  43. rachel clea says:

    When you keep adding weight to the machines such as the leg press, the next time you do it do you begin with the highest weight you got to last time?

  44. Just came across this workout this morning. Went to the gym this afternoon and omg I'm sore. Am I to do this every gym session?

  45. What are you drinking can you tell me please

  46. I felt it for a week about a month ago andnhavent tried it since……I almost died….MIND YOU, I didnt get past the walking lounges

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