Ultimate Booty Workout | Ashley Horner

Ashley Horner is a certified glute-smith. She knows how to craft an incredible backside. Follow her workouts to forge your own iron booty.
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If you’re like most women—and many men—you want a better butt. You’re tired of sitting on pancakes. You want to defy gravity and deny the dreaded droop. In short, you want to build glorious glutes.

Well, you’re in luck! I’ve got the perfect workouts to transform any underdeveloped backside into the owner’s best asset.


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40 Responses

  1. goden7856 says:

    The incline will really work your glutes! Yesterday I did an incline of 7.5 and was only at my warmup speed of 3.5 for 20 minutes but it was still killer since I'm so new to this. I did not hold on to the bar. 🧡🍑

  2. When looking for workout videos I get a feeling a lot of girls are more concern of how their tights look on camera then the actual work out video itself however this video is completely the opposite you can totally tell this woman know what she is doing.

  3. Jackie Burns says:

    Some programs call for 10 sets of 10 sumo squats

  4. dihendersonn says:

    Girl, I'm gonna be exhausted after the second superset. Also I think there is no way anybody's gonna do it for 45 minutes.

  5. ETC says:


  6. we all men know that why we are here….

  7. Spectacular video
    I learn lot from it

  8. Trying this tomorrow Morning – Thank you .

    If you need Funds for Gym , Supplements , Food , etc…

    Play **1066** ( box & Straight ) this week in your Local Lottery

    Or try it online @ 5dimes

    Great luck if you play / Win

  9. Diana Torres says:

    i am doing this tomorrow and i am already scared 😂😂😂 my last day of leg day i almost died! haha jk

  10. truly yours says:

    What are you? A superwoman? 😉😉😉😉

  11. What is a good alternative to jump squats?

  12. Recent studies have shown that watching Ashleys workout videos increase testosterone levels by 200%

  13. thank you , I like your job

  14. Michuu says:

    She reminds me of Mya the singer ♥️ good tutorial

  15. lilly roon says:

    If i stay that long on a machine…there will be hate looks at me 😂

  16. Alaa allord says:

    am one of your fans but I practiced sport, satiety and commitment to full food, but the fat in the abdomen, the sides of the burn burner.

  17. Deadlift is wrong. It's not supposed to look like a squat.

  18. The plastic surgery to your face is so awful, and those bo bo ass shoes!

  19. I will definitely incoporate this workout into my regimen. Thanks!

  20. 1:53 she says lift with your legs not your back and then she proceeds to lift with her back

  21. It's a pity, I don't have a spotter to do the smith machine vertical press & donkey kicks.

  22. 💪💪💪💪😘😘😘😘😘👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏💜💛💚😘

  23. Ashley, love this workout! Question for you…how is a Plie squat different from a Sumo squat?

  24. So lets talk about that vertical leg press on the smith that forces you to pretty much go into lumbar flexion on every rep? Not worth the risk.

  25. Suzi Farley says:

    This is an excellent workout! Ashley is a badass, because there is no way I'm doing HIIT on the treadmill in my Converse! 😂 I have to switch from my Cons to my Runners. She's tough!!!

  26. Plz tell me how heavy you go on this deadlift ? Thx

  27. How many times a day one should do this to get quick results

  28. monifea W says:

    Need you to train me how to use these machines… So confused I stop going ppl don't want to help you…,.here in Chicago

  29. Omg best work out ever, I’m dying thx u

  30. stacy lynn says:

    You're awesome!!!….I'm aiming to compete in November and I love your work outs!..Thank you for the tips!

  31. I think she’d look so much better with fuller eyebrows… I hung on to my thin 90’s eyebrows for way too long too but really glad I gave them up. I hope she does the same soon.

  32. Great routine and great work, looking great!

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