What it's like working out with women

I’m becoming a Pokemon trainer instead.

WOMEN’S WORKOUT PLAN: http://bit.ly/womens-workout-plan
MEN’S WORKOUT PLAN: http://bit.ly/mens-workout-plan

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32 Responses

  1. Thanks so much Devorah for helping with this video!! Go follow Dev on Instagram: @devorahroloff https://www.instagram.com/devorahroloff/

  2. Her whole attitude is garbage. Kennedy is such an attractive girl but she becomes instantly unattractive with this fucking loser attitude. Her levels of apathy are on par with someone who’s been lobotomized, her staying locked away in her safe space is doing soo much harm for her especially since she’s found success in YouTube for the time being where financially she’s ok but that in turn has only further enabled her unhealthy hermit “I can’t do this/ I’m scared” Bullshit attitude that will only lead to shortcomings and a mediocre existence that she’ll most likely look back on with regret at some point in her life.

  3. Hello Guys says:

    Thanks Brandon this videos are the best omg

  4. She’s a brat and acts like a 9 year old

  5. Maddy Reagan says:

    Kennedy: never works out
    Her body: bomb af
    Me: always works out
    My body: not bomb af

  6. Max Holt says:

    you can tell Devorah is waxed off those pain meds lol

  7. Jane Hopper says:

    I’m so proud of my gurl!!! Guys we should cheer her in the comments hopefully it’ll motivate her! I’m an introvert lazy person too so I get it! But I believe in her! and she’s doing good🤧

  8. Devorah actually helped a ton. She understood how Kennedy was feeling and switched things up. Hope she enjoys the gym more after this

  9. Flor Faz says:

    All they do is talk not work out.

  10. I have depression and working out helped me a lot. I dont know if she is, but exercise always help boost people's mood.
    Great video, waiting for the next one.

  11. Kanji says:

    10:57 i love how they start bullying kennedy

  12. Kata Kelemen says:

    Is it just me, or anyone else died at 4:35

  13. I think the problem is, she's going to the gym unsure of what she's doing hoping you guys know, but you guys don't know, you're pushing her way beyond her comfort zone way too soon. If she's serious about changing and becoming more fit she needs to feel confident in what she's doing you need to explain proper form for example knees shouldn't be over ankles in the one leg squat, and you should also learn more about her as a person, or pay attention to how she feels more. You should advise a workout plan and let her know and explain to her what it is and what it'll do. There's too many jokes you guys are making and it just seems like you aren't serious when she's actively making an effort. I know how it is going to the gym feeling anxious, she doesn't want to do jumps just like I didn't because I didn't want people looking at my butt or how my body wiggles. There's nothing wrong with bodyweight exercises, she should definitely try them and once she's comfortable she can move onto more weighted workouts. Circuits are also great. It just seems as if you're all jumping around trying to think of something to do quickly for the sake of the video. You should always walk in knowing what you're going to do and what you're comfortable with during your first days of going to the gym. Anyways that's just my whole view on this situation

  14. Spend one week getting her cardio up walking/jogging inside or outside, or doing one of those dance classes (zumba) and then start her on circuit training with bodyweight exercises. Bodybuilding type workouts can be boring af even for the experienced lifter. Best of luck

  15. Rage Alpha says:

    Next episode,you should bring her to muay Thai gym…

  16. Eszrah says:

    Brother: I want to help my sister get in shape. Also brother: why are you terrible at everything. Like bro wtf man you can be encouraging with out being a cunt.

  17. Sally Artz says:

    He reminds me of Luke Hemmings

  18. asaf mazareb says:

    Bruh just let her do home workout basics…..squats knee push-ups crunches

  19. PF&EC Vlogs says:

    Pleaseeeee make more of these

  20. PF&EC Vlogs says:

    The guy behind the camera and Kennedy should date

  21. PF&EC Vlogs says:

    I neeeeeddd to see devorah ,Claudia and Kennedy together they would be so funny together

  22. PF&EC Vlogs says:

    Omg Devorah is so funny pleaseee can she be in more vids

  23. Jenna P says:

    Tell her she probably won’t see those people again so she shouldn’t care if they look at her or what they think

  24. Jenna P says:

    Instead try taking her to public places and doing dumb things. It’ll be fun and she will start caring less what people think

  25. Jenna P says:

    He should take her dancing instead

  26. Jenna P says:

    He’s crazy for taking an unmotivated pmsing girl to the gym and making her work out

  27. Jenna P says:

    Please eat him alive in the comments 😂

  28. Elena M. says:

    She should do dance workouts. ^^

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