Interval Training Sprint Workout – Burn Fat Effectively!

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The workout!

1. Sprint to the 50 yard line and then jog back

6 sets
2. Tuck Jumps — 6 reps followed immediately by a 50 yard sprint and then walk back

3 sets
3. Plyo Pushup — 6 reps followed immediately by a 50 yard sprint and then walk back

3 sets
4. Skier Hops — 6 reps followed immediately by a 50 yard sprint and then walk back

3 sets
5. Cooldown!

take a light jog to cooldown

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44 Responses

  1. Greg Unitt says:

    Did he start this video by saying running for hours doesn’t help weight loss at all? How can people take him seriously after that.

  2. Brusko661 says:

    i tried this some people laugh they think that i can burn calories fats if i ran fast, they stick jog for 1 hour, and i dont anymore. well they dont know is that im using this hit program

  3. crownbock123 says:

    There’s no way in hell my fat ass is gonna do jump knee tucks 2:00

  4. yarbles67 says:

    Excellent. Thanks! I am that dude that beats myself up on tread mills and elypticals with minimal gain. I do see some freaks that use the treadmill and interval training but that shit is scary. They go 30 secs at like 10mph and then jog for a ‘min. I would kill myself

  5. i tried this. my shin hurts like hell the next day

  6. Ayaan says:

    I'm thin but I have belly fat. Should I do this?

  7. naresh kumar says:

    I am 1600mtr runar can I do

  8. The Arc Room says:

    Marked this down as my next workout. I am going to die.

  9. 04m6gto says:

    Stating that running long distance (cardio) isn't going to burn fat (calories) is about the dumbest statement I've ever heard. Seriously. Lost all credibility right at the beginning of the video.

  10. I would rather sprint, than jog/run. Doing this tomorrow. Thanks for this!

  11. Losing weight, and losing fat are two different things.

    Low intensity long run burns fat.
    High intensity short sprints burns calories. He is mixing them

  12. chelseaFC says:

    Best fittnes video on youtube!

  13. 6 reps and 6 sets for second exercise. I believe it is a typo.

  14. Mordecai160 says:

    So 20 sprints total? Thats a lot. Will cut it down as I am a beginner.

  15. Are all of these without any rest?

  16. Jorge says:

    Could I just sprint to my maximum and then jog back?

  17. Loko Poko says:

    thanks alot nice video will follow this exercise for better results 👍

  18. Great video!!! 💪🏃‍♀️

  19. CO22 uwu says:

    Ive been doing HIIT workouts for years but Ive avoided this one because I have asthma but this has motivated me so much

  20. Luis Lemuz says:

    I work in constriction, i took 6 of them to this workout and only 3 of could finish. 1 loud mouth was saying he could do it twice. And what a pleasure to me he was the first ti quit !! 💪💪

  21. E Wimberley says:

    You got do high knees instead walk it back

  22. G.M. 126 says:

    What if you are training to gain muscle mass and you goal is to gain weight can you do this training as well? Dont want to quit cardio but dont want to lose weight any suggestion?

  23. Great video perfect workout 🏋🏽‍♂️

  24. Jordan Long says:

    This was f*cked. I'm dying but glad I was able to finish

  25. Looks legit, gonna try this out.
    Pray for me brothers

  26. Ado Podrinje says:

    good training man! is this every day? or every other day? cuz it looks intense dude! but I LOVE IT !

  27. Darth Alba says:

    Thank you for this. In my early days I jogged for ages and got no results. Now that I'm older and have shed a few pounds with light diet and exercise, I want to get running again now that the weather is clearing up.

  28. Fauzan Ali says:

    Tried this, it really works and the results begin to show within a week

  29. mmmmmlemons says:

    Running for hours on end will help you lose weight.

  30. Mally 17_17 says:

    I can't even walk fast without dying from shortness of breath

  31. LARF says:

    Why is this on the “Ft. Boze” playlist on JKnews??????

  32. Patti says:

    My blood pressure just went up from hearing this music.

  33. Eric Homsy says:

    boy got hops foreal

  34. This workout has helped me evolve. Thank you brother✊🙏

  35. Sam Uel says:

    This man just say running on the treadmill ain't gonna work 😂 boy

  36. For those comparing sprinting and running: they use different muscle types. You got type 2a muscle that is very oxygenated (for endurance) due to the amount of capillaries. This is for long distant running. Ducks have a ton of this muscle, hence how red their meat is and how long they can fly. Chickens have a lot of white meat which is strong as hell but lacks endurance, that’s why they can only
    fly for a short time in emergencies. These are type 2b muscle which is used while sprinting. This also explains why joggers are normally slim and sprinters are all glutes + hamstring. 😊 taking anatomy is helpful for working out!

  37. i do 4 sprint up the hill so i get to (almost?) my maximum heart rate. non that jumping around stuff. but some push-ups before may exhaust different muscle cells than with sprinting. i think that is a simple way to grow mitochondria in more area. the jumping around stuff does not convince me that much.
    especially when being over 20 kg or more over weight that is difficult to do.
    but with 40 kg over weight or more going to 100% of the heart rate is maybe also a little bit risky. when someone starts with his weight loss journey it is probably a good idea to start slow and gradually build up every three days.
    i started with a stationary bike at home after dusting that off and felt very comfortable with that kind of sprint interval training.
    i did 400 watts for about 20 seconds with three intervals the first time and after doing this exercise the fifth time about every three days i could do 32 seconds with 400 watts. now it would be good to crank up the intensity but my old kettler stationary bike can only 400 watts maximum.
    now on vacation in thailand i looked at the gyms on koh tao and found one, but after the storm here (pabuk) i did not have gasoline for my motorbike, so i decided to not join the gym and did sprint interval training running up the hill and walking down four times. with this i reached a higher heart rate that on my stationary bike at home – 186 instead of 176 and i felt very comfortable with that too.
    so i save the money for the gym membership and do sprints running up the hill.
    i am really exhausted after four sprints and i need one hour of rest in my room – taking a shower after that workout is the best 🙂
    but maybe i should do some streching before doing the sprints – what do you think? what kind of streching should i do before sprinting?

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