15-Minute Trampoline Workout | Follow-Along Fitness | Health

Watch the video with Bari Studio head trainer Tiffani Robbins to see how you can spring (pun intended) into shape using challenging exercises like jumping jacks, high knees, front kicks, and more.

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26 Responses

  1. Sarah Brown says:

    Well, this was my first trampoline exercise. I lasted about 5 minutes before I had to pause 😂. I'll definitely be doing this again. I can't wait to see the improvement! Thank you so much for this video!

  2. Nice workout! 🙂 Feel free to check some videos on my channel too 🙏

  3. Cool Blue says:

    Well your stupid pun intended… this is for someone who is already in shape to get into shape ..Its not for beginners ..and this dozy cow thinks we are all olympic gold medal athletes wanting to get into shape Idiot..haha

  4. This is great. I am frightfully out of shape, so I literally set my settings to .75 speed because I can never keep up to her. My goal is to keep doing it until I can do it at normal speed!

  5. Very good!🤸🏽‍♀️

  6. Marta Berk says:

    …you can use a small child…. LOL

  7. Jay T says:

    "Or use a small child" rofl
    At first i thought… "she must not have kids" but then i realized that i do… and now i think she's on the money😄

  8. Ogechi O. says:

    Thank u for this! I bought a trampoline and had no clue how to use it to work out other than jumping in place lmao I’m so glad to hv found this!

  9. Join us in our Facebook – Rebounding Rocks Group ! Love your moves ! https://www.facebook.com/groups/reboundingrocks/

  10. Noob -_- says:

    Hey people never pull your belly button in. It is not healthy. Read some books from physioterapists. (Sorry for my english )

  11. Tam Poh Poh says:

    Anyone can recommend which trampoline brand? How abouy xspec? Thanks

  12. Buyi Majola says:

    This is hard, but maybe it's because I have cheap trampoline

  13. make allowances for me in favor of my terrible English , its since Im Spanish spoken communication .

    I genuinely liked your videocassette . be grateful you exceedingly a large amount in place of sharing the in sequence . Maybe I container book a expression next to individual to facilitate I produced plus where I tried headed for be obsessed with the paramount exercises going on trampolines . I would exceedingly much similar to just before understand your attitude . You tin can go to see it here:


    Best regards .

  14. I never wear shoes for my trampoline workout. I usually wear socks or trampoline socks.

  15. Thank you for showing a woman actually sweating. Good lord. I haven't seen this reality since Tae Bo days. Love it!!!

  16. Lord have mercy im a ball!

  17. saxetoleh says:

    thought it is a niceand gentle trampoline workout for the mornig… i am dead … thanks from germany

  18. Jet says:

    Can you please do more videos . I really like how fast you go, it’s the right speed. I couldn’t talk and I had to stop twice. Thank you 😊

  19. How many calories burn

  20. Shawn Gallo says:

    My boyfriend and I are going over the road as truckers this is a perfect workout for us at truck stops I'm going out to buy a trampoline. Thank you!!!

  21. Glad I found you. Have Lymphadema and need exercise to help with the fluid and weight loss too. Would like no video's Thanks in advance

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