The Three-Minute Perfect Plank Workout

Tired of doing crunches to work your core? The plank is a phenomenal exercise that gives you the option of doing something other than a crunch to work your abs. This three-minute plank workout takes advantage of how variable the plank can be while still pushing you to work hard and strengthen your core.

Here’s what the workout looks like. Each plank variation is held for 30 seconds:
– Plank
– Plank with leg raises
– Side plank on right arm
– Side plank on left arm
– Plank
– Spiderman Planks

If you need to take a break during one of the planks, just place your knees on the ground and rest for a bit, then once you’re ready go back into the plank.

If you get done with this workout and want to work your core even more, you can try this core workout too:

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22 Responses

  1. I reache 2:30 minutes atleast in first try was that bad?

  2. newstargreat says:

    Omg !! Who are you, girls? I mean I can’t do it in a row! You two are amazing!

  3. I exercise regularly. When I came across this video, I tried it. Though I completed the workout, the last 1 min was quite challenging. I am going to do this everyday, till I get perfect 😇

  4. 3KBS Channel says:

    Only some of us are here for the exercise

  5. manoj pillai says:

    The girls do plank differently. The black haired had her body in a straight line whereas the blonde lifts her glutes a little up. Can anyone please tell me which is correct?

  6. Tempest says:

    They make it look so easy

  7. Elisa Viola says:

    Easy but challenging your core stability greatly💓

  8. JheS Sica says:

    I do this every night. At first it was hard i almost fainted before finishing it. Now, i can make it for another minute. And i got good results

  9. Abino Rose says:

    I forget to breath everytym i plank

  10. course grates pera lose belly clik on the link

  11. Quixotic says:

    Lisa has perfect form

  12. I do marriage
    This two girl…..

  13. Diana Lam says:

    Beauty is painful 😭😭😭

  14. Ah, hell nah! 🤣 I did 30 seconds then git scared!!!!!

  15. I cant breath while watching this video…very exhausting while commenting

  16. just use Unflexal instructions :)))

  17. Evo Dalas says:

    Damn.. couldn't have picked to finer women

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