Equip Yourself: 5 Free Weight Exercises

Grab a set up free weights and do simple, effective at-home workout from personal trainer Brett. For a more intense workout, repeat this video twice or go to the next one in the playlist.

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22 Responses

  1. Very Nice !! Thanks for this

  2. T says:

    Complete it twice? I am okay. I was using 35lb dumbbells and I am done after one sir.

  3. Youtube One says:

    You are very fat man
    You should join gym

  4. Youtube One says:

    Your body is not good

  5. Perfect. Simple, timed and easy to repeat!

  6. thank you po sa pag tuturo doc sana marami pa po akong matutunan sainyo

  7. Eclipse says:

    I lift more weight than this guy and I’m 12

  8. T.ekchhhu says:

    Ima kid and I do 15 pounds and 10 in each hand till the point where I can’t lift my hand anymore

  9. Ninad Sheth says:

    Brett this morning s amazing is this

  10. Jamal Waseem says:

    is it better for full body

  11. How many calories does this routine burn with no breaks? About 50? I'm using 10 lb. dumbells.

  12. I’m 14 and I lift 10 pound is that good

  13. Chris Caic says:

    Is this a joke!!!😂😂😂LMAO

  14. T - Gay says:

    Baby Dumbbells 😂

  15. I'm ten and I did this no problem at all

  16. mani moningi says:

    This exercis how many time in day

  17. ARJAN K says:

    I'm very lean I'm 19 what weight should I use in both hands?

  18. Bates Reed says:

    This guys really knows how to be an annoying piece of fucking trash

  19. AutoRB says:

    that plot twist at the end tho…

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