The Best Workout Routine for Teens (Based on Science)

If you’re a teenager and you want to get in great shape then you need to watch this video! A lot of people turn to the internet for exercises, workouts, and routines and they make things too complicated! It’s can be much easier than you think.

The main thing you need to achieve is progressive overload. What that means is increasing the weight you use to force your muscles to adapt. But not only is it effective but it is also science-based.


2:52 Day 1 – Push day – Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

Bench Press (12,10,8)
Incline Bench Press (12,10,8)
Flys (20,15,12)
Crossovers (20,15,12)

Military Press (12,10,8)
Lateral Raises (12,10,8)
Reverse Flys (12,10,10)

Skull Crushers (15,12,10)
Tricep Extensions (15,12,10)
Kickbacks (15,12,10)

4:43 Day 2 – Pull Day – Back and Biceps

Lat Pulldowns (12,10,8)
Dumbbell Rows (12,10,8)
Pullovers (12,10,8)

Dumbbell Curls (15,12,10,8)

5:51 Day 3 – Legs

Squats (15,12,10)
Deadlifts (15,12,10)
Lunges (15,12,10)

Day 4 – Active Rest

30 Min Cardio
Various Ab Exercises


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33 Responses

  1. Trying to improve my video quality, let me know what you think!

  2. Fernando 678 says:

    Well I never did anything for my legs and they are kinda massive guess I'm fucking lucky xD

  3. Just wanted to add for people like me with chronic migraines, I recommend doing cardio each day before lifting. It warms you up, stretches, and conditions your body before going straight into it. Whenever I start with weights I'm 5 reps in depending on the workout and my skull pounds like acid flowing though my brain so try this and see if it helps!

  4. You should not start too young… If you do your body and testosterone will focus on building your muscles and not your growth. That's why people who start too early with lifting will be shorter in length

  5. how long should i do this for

  6. A second day of legs would hurt man

  7. Kareem says:

    Can you give any cardio and ab workouts like u did for the other days pls I need it

  8. BronzeBoi says:

    Welcome to my #216 episode of why is this on my recomended

  9. BRDN says:

    So how long would a beginner be doing these?

  10. I started going to the gym 1 month ago.Im 14.In a month,4 days a week 1 hour sessions,from 60kg 1,60m,i now am at 58 with muscles.For the first days i was training because my dad told me to,but now i love training.My gym trainers made me a programm and its excacly like the one you are talking about the video.push pull legs.gym can change your life

    p.s.:nutrition is also important dont neglect it.

  11. Liam Garner says:

    Starting this at 130lbs. I’ll come back in a year. Wish me luck boys

  12. BIG Mestre says:

    guys the secret is food

  13. RUS says:

    Same voice tone, background music, idea as Jeremy Ethier,

  14. Anyone else notice how this dudes hair sits perfectly even though he's working out?

  15. After day 4
    Do we continue the same routine for day 5,6 and 7

  16. A haircut is also what makes a difference….

  17. Explosivv U7 says:

    Isn’t he Henry Danger?

  18. EthanT says:

    Aye you skipped leg day

  19. CyboBacon says:

    is it bad for a 13 year old to use weights? I heard on the internet that you should use weights at about 15-16

  20. I hate to rain on your parade, but if you’re going to claim you have the ‘formula’ for all teenagers when it comes to aesthetics, you are blatantly wrong. I’m sure the video is very well backed in science, and it’s quite similar to my training split. However at the end of the day, different people require different splits, exercises etc. While I’m not naive enough to claim my physique is beyond yours, I have individuals at the age of 17-18 who have vastly different exercises and splits than the ones you claim are the ‘scientifically best’ to use.

    One final criticism. Anyone who believes that chest, triceps, and deltoids can be effectively hit on the same day is a clown. End of story.

  21. CowBoy BeBop says:

    Anyone got a good cardio and an plan ?

  22. A- Rodogey says:

    Anyone else going to start doing this when school starts?
    And also my school starts Aug 19 I'll come back for results when school ends😉

  23. Well I’m a kid soo I need this workout to beat up jimmy who stole my milk

  24. MajorKill says:

    What background music is that 2:10

  25. stick oz says:

    Should I separate these exercises across 3 days or so then all in one day?

  26. luis says:

    What should be my workout routine if I only have Dumbbell and a pull up bar (like push pull it or lower-Upper)

  27. 1:00 bruh my dudes biceps are the size of half a chicken

  28. Should’ve included calf raises on leg day‼️

  29. JivaldiBeatz says:

    really dope vid. keep it up i learned a lot

  30. starting off a tricep workout with a skull crusher is not optimal for elbow health, it is important to warm your elbows up first with something like a tricep extension with a rope.

  31. Oli A says:

    I heard squatting with weights will stunt the growth. What's another good way to work the legs without squats

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