Do This Routine Every Morning To Get Shredded

join Chris Heria as he shows you what to do Every Morning To Get Shredded. Doing This Routine Every Morning will have you building muscle and burning fat with only your body weight no need for weights or a gym.

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No Gym No Problem!

No Weights? No Problem! No Gym No Problem

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21 Responses

  1. AAWESOME says:

    Guys, where i can get the insane music. I need this on my phone!

  2. I want this type of body, not like them abnormal ones!!

  3. *Seb* says:

    So all the calories you are burning while doing these exercises, wouldn't kill any of the gains/Muscle mass?

  4. Aisha says:

    1 round of this is not enough???? What the hell!

  5. Aisha says:

    You are not squeezing your core enough if you ain't farting

  6. Sayf Hamze says:

    what is the test way to lose weight
    I have did diet
    I need to lose 10 kg

  7. Dee Horace says:

    My my my Chris what a workout 💋

  8. Maxime C. says:

    Should we eat before or after this morning routine ? It was so exhausting (maybe a lack of sugar), I ended up throwing up the small glass of water I had right before the training…

  9. Terry 3 says:

    Chris is the real life Muten Roshi at his young age!

  10. Jordan says:

    I’ve done this for a month now and now the 3 sets I can do… still tuff but I got it finally😂 just know if you start this don’t push for 3 sets, if your max is one work your way up

  11. SwagSpartian says:

    Or you could just lift weights, the easy way.

  12. Been doing this for a week. I'm not gonna stop until I can do the whole 3 rounds without taking a rest

  13. Me : does all the workouts with him in the video. feels tired asf but proud to complete it.

    Chris : now do this for 2 more rounds.

    Me : * ded *

  14. Genitalien says:

    Every morning? I thought you should take a day or two (e.g. weekends) to rest the muscles and let them strengthen and repair

  15. Oshval says:

    Should I do this before or after my breakfast?

  16. Mike Jones says:

    I thought my mans had socks until he was in mountain climbers

  17. Lets do this, 1 week and I can almost keep up with the first stage, gonna keep doing until it becomes easy and I need to do something more intense, thanks for the video

  18. C K T K C says:

    Finished workout. Excited I could do it.
    Chris says "Finished with ROUND 1." Do this 3 more times???
    Me : Damn. Okay. Lets do it.

  19. Chris owns a pair of shorts?!

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