No Impact Workout. 35 Minute Floor Barre Routine.


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No impact workouts are a great way to get fit without placing any pressure on your joints. If you are recovering from an injury, dealing with limited mobility, or just need a good cross training activity, this no impact floor barre fitness routine is the perfect way to get moving!

Hi my friend!

Ready to get off to a strong start?! Its time for another no impact floor barre workout! No impact floor barre workouts have been some of the most popular video routines on my Youtube channel. I love hearing positive comments from subscribers (you can read some of them above). It’s always nice to know that the work you create can help others. Im constantly brainstorming content to create that can give people health, positivity, and strength.

Our world is full of extremes, super hard “push yourself to the max” programs, and quick fixes. There is so much out there that makes you feel bad about your body and yourself. I am here with something different. I offer safe, effective workouts that you CAN do to stay active, be balanced, and live well. It makes me sad that our culture is inundated with negative messages that you “have to” exercise to lose weight, look younger, or be “perfect”. The negative consequences of these media messages are HURTING our health. I have a different message to share: YOU ARE ALREADY PERFECT and exercise doesn’t need to feel like punishment or be about always bending over backwards to fit a certain number. Instead exercise can be about LIVING BETTER, FEELING BETTER, and BEING WELL.

There comes a point when your body wants a BREAK from all the pushing, hard workouts, and “not good enough” thoughts.

If you and your body need that break, I am here to give you a way to stay active and love your workouts. I provide exercise routines that challenge you in a healthy way and help you feel good about yourself so you can live your best life. This no impact floor barre workout is a way to be fit and nice to your body while doing it. I hope you enjoy this no impact routine and it is a video you return to again to feel amazing.

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Thanks for another feel good fitness video friends! I cant wait to share another workout on the channel with you again soon.

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26 Responses

  1. I loved this video! It killed me lol. I’ll be doing this one many more times, hopefully soon it’ll be easy for me! : ) thank you for all you do.

  2. The Art Vlog says:

    My injury has mostly healed, but I keep returning to your channel, because I like your positive energy and how you challenge me in new ways. That said, even though I have been working out daily for the last couple of years, this workout was a bit much. I could have use some breaks between sets. It felt like this was intended for advances pilates/barre folks. Have you thought about rating the difficulty level of your workouts?

  3. Szilvi Tóth says:

    Such a good workout! Stronger than I thought, but I’m very glad I did it! I also have a torn ligament and these videos help me stay positive and fit while I recover. Thank you!

  4. I love all your floor barre videos! I've been a runner for a while but was recently diagnosed with stage 2 arthritis after my knees became swollen and painful(I'm 30 with 4 kids so that was a hard pill to swallow) and your workouts are helping me stay positive, fit, and I have much less pain than I did a couple months ago. Thank you and I look forward to doing more of your workouts 🙂

  5. Zach Hart says:

    Thank you for these vids Caroline. After acid reflux disease began a few months ago and losing 6 months of gym progress in 2 months from not eating and exercising at the gym, this is a life saver.

  6. Croissant says:

    I have a broken foot and I could not do most of these exercises without pain. Even though I wasn’t putting weight on my feet, flexing/pointing my toes for these exercises caused a lot of pain so I had to stop. If you have a foot injury like me please be careful.

  7. This came up when I searched floor cardio. I am recovering from a distal fibula fracture and this was awesome. This was a beautiful and thorough workout.

  8. good work out for my injured knees 🙂 let me know if u have any other video focusing on rehab for knees thanks a lot

  9. Koekoea says:

    So great! Who knew a floor workout would be so challenging? I loved it.

  10. 92annamaria says:

    I am wondering how many of us with broken feet are out there, I was feeling so alone while I have nobody that can help me but I feel better when I'm thinking other people go through the same situation, I'm not alone. Thank you Caroline 🙂 thank you body 😛

  11. Janice Lee says:

    Would love if there could be cardio w the floor barre workout! 🙂

  12. This channel is amazing! I’m soo happy I found you! I was immobile for a month because of a broken foot. This channel literally saved my sanity lol.

  13. Aum Namaste says:

    Hi Caroline thank you for making this video. I love barre but I suffer from Morton's Neuroma and although I do standing barre sometimes its too painful to stand on my toes and I find this video very helpful for those days when I am unable to stand on my toes.

  14. Kary J. says:

    Thank you I am a runner and I have achilles tendinitis for the first time in my life. So I am relegated to floor work and stretching for a few weeks.

  15. awesome and funny thank you!

  16. Thank you Caroline for coming into my life when I needed you the most! I've been recovering from a foot correction/bunion removal and your workouts have given me the opportunity to keep healthy and fit but physically but even more importantly, mentally. I am so looking forward to continuing your workouts despite now being 6 weeks post op as I love them!!

  17. jennifer h says:

    Thanks for another great workout Caroline. I am one of your hurt foot fitness members, unfortunately coming up on one year of dealing with Plantar Fasciitis. Good news, as you’ve promised, this challenge has given me the opportunity o focus on/strengthen other areas of my body. After months of doing your floor barre videos, my core is in the best shape it’s ever been in. I used to feel the need for chiropractic spinal adjustments on a fairly regular basis, but since I’ve worked so much on strengthening my core – I cannot remember the last time I thought to myself, “Man, I need an adjustment.” As you would say with your infectious enthusiasm, “BONUS!”

    With beautiful springtime weather returning to NE PA, I am going through a new grieving cycle due to my continued inability to go outside for a walk or a run. Thanks again for providing me with your positivity, encouragement, and the chance to create some alternative victories in my fitness journey.
    Wishing you all the best,

  18. Thank you so much for these videos! I love your positive energy. I had ankle surgery last year and then almost exactly one year later, I severely injured my other ankle in a freak accident in my own home. You'd think I would remember where the steps are after living in the same house for 20 years. LOL So now I'm in a boot cast again. (At least I already have all the equipment and braces I need :-)) While I was recovering last year, I didn't do as much as I could to stay in shape, I got really down about my injury. Before the surgery, I was training for a half marathon. Then after, all my hard work just went down the drain. I felt a lot of guilt about all the things I couldn't do for my family and myself. I think that really affected my healing and recovery. But this time around, I am taking control. I've been doing something healing and active every day. I'll be back for more. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

  19. Manasi Shah says:

    Thank you so much for these videos! My sprained ankle might just give me the best abs ever!! Could barely do it continuously! Challenge accepted 🙂

  20. Hi Caroline, wow I'm so glad I've found you. Im currently recovering from a hallux valgas correction and I've been desperate to find an exercise routine I can do safely, to feel like I'm still moving my body, working out whilst i'm recovering. I was always a 5 x a week HIIT girl so going from 100% to 0% was depressing and soul destroying, so thank you for saving me and giving me the opportunity to feel my body working again. So very grateful. I'd love you to point me in the right direction for leg/thigh exercises as this is my biggest weak point and I need to tone them up before the summer, but I'm obviously limited for the next 3 months. Thank you x

  21. Thank you for this wonderful workout!

  22. Hi Caroline, I followed your video again and it helps me so much. I am stuck in a cage with my foot for 6 weeks and I am half way. The exercises are so good for my body en my self esteem. I am getting stronger every day and my mood has so much more stable. I feel energy and I feel my blood streaming through my body to help to recover. Thank you so much!!!! I am treated in a clinic specialized for foot and knee injuries and as you said, nobody informs you about the possibilities of exercises and nutrition to help healing. I am going to inform them what you can do. Greetings from The Netherlands.

  23. Dearesr Caroline, I was born with a congenital defect of both feet. Nothing was done about it. To look at them, you would just say they were flat as pancakes with bunions on both feet. As I grew older, I got used to being in constant pain. Now that I am 54, I have had both of my feet completely reconstructed..not at the same time. Turns out that I was born with an extra bone in each foot and my heels were not anatomically correct. I had extra bone removed, a tendon replacement (because they had torn from the rotation of my foot) and my heel bone soared in half and replaced under my leg. A screw was put un from heel up to leg bone. Needless to say, each took about a year to heal (for each foot). I am a woman who has NEVER not worked out. I became psychologically unbearable as my body and muscles started to all atrophy and hang. You, beautiful young lady, saved my life. I thank you for always saying what I needed to hear and for working out with me every day. And because of that, I was able to heal and my new feet are a precious gift! XO Pam

  24. Olga B says:

    This about killed me!!! I prayed through and did my best. Thanks!!

  25. Andrea Borra says:

    The core warm up was tough! Thanks again for helping to get me through the healing process!

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