My Workout Routine

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For real though I weightlift 3x a week (have a lower body focused day, a lats/back/arms day & then something that is more HIIT focused), go on walks with friends often & occasionally do yoga. The most important part about getting in shape is consistency! Give yourself 6-12 months of working out 2-3 times a week, coupled with a healthy diet and at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night and you will see results.


shot & edited by Eric Lombart

produced by Reed Hedani

grip – Melissa Gasca, John Lee, Megan Pham

sound – John Lee

gfx by Bethany Radloff

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24 Responses


  2. you got me up until 0:08 excited that I would learn to be as fit as you ! hahaha

  3. Chris Oakes says:

    Looks like your workout is working!

  4. Xom9k says:

    to much boobs on the screean/// soo what she talk about?

  5. Great music too Anna have all your songs on my iTunes with Apple Music 🙂

  6. Siim Kuusik says:

    I'm gonna use the sentence: "I never knew that a dame that looks so good, could be so bad" on my girlfriend later this evening 👮‍♂️

  7. Maren S. says:

    Man that boob job was well worth the money, it looks great 👌 and pretty natural too 🤔

  8. Hi Anna how are you? My names Adam and I found your channel as I am sick of the inside of me and sick of being down and overthinking and not being confident or low self esteem etc etc so that’s why I am here so your channel and someone else’s have really been helping me. A lot of work the last few weeks and a lot of self talk but I’m learning and doing, also my training st gym going better too, rather than me worry what other people think or whatever my head is thinking on me I’m here and I’m bringing it and I accept me and love me, not cocky or arrogant just me and knowing and loving me for me. I’ve also been single 8 years and went on a date with a Malaysian woman Saturday night and had a great time and did not feel like a first date was really good, and I’m just making sure I don’t come in too strong and to heated like I always would have, so I am not being to keen or texting to much or giving all of me to her right away etc and I don’t need her as well, no matter
    What happens I’ll be ok I don’t need anyone just me heheh. And this channel I need that. You have been a huge help and I have a long way to go but I know I can do this and I should’ve done this years ago oh well I’m doing it now and it’s amazing how good your brain can feel. Endorphins and self love 💖 etc makes me feel good and happy. Thank you Anna and never change love your channel your vibe aura and creativity is amazing keep it up.

  9. What kind of bra is she using ??

  10. ojaya15966 says:

    Did she get a boob job or is it just the shirt?

  11. Mintchipster says:

    Idk why I was expecting some blogilates workouts 😂

  12. hideousroar says:

    Looking good Anna!! 💛

  13. Anna.


  14. Serious question.

    Why do girls always want to be loved and always say they wanna marry, BUT WHEN A GUY SAYS ALL THE THINGS SHE WANTED HIM TO SAY. SHE RUNS AWAY.

    Whyyy? They do it so much

  15. Keric Wu says:

    Nice! That's some good workout motivation 😂

  16. can i just cuddle with u gdi love u anna xx


  18. I like her new big boobies

  19. Oof. Non-ironically and without trying to be creepy, I respect someone who has a body like Anna. It shows dedication, self-discipline, and consistency

  20. 3lc0rr3A says:

    I live for this content!

  21. Aries says:

    platonically having sex?????

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