Best Thigh Exercises for Toned Legs! (At Home No Equipment Workout Routine)

This is the ultimate thigh toning and slimming at-home workout! No equipment needed – just your motivation and desire to get strong! Plus, you get a little bonus booty work with these moves. Remember to focus on form and mind-muscle connection to really benefit the most from each exercise. Ready to have fun and get a little sweaty!? Let’s do this! Also, when you complete the workout let me know in comments how the burn was and what exercise was most challenging. You will get stronger with time!

Here are the moves:
1. Triangle Thighs
2. Clamshells
3. Extended Clamshells
4. Pointed Sideways Scissors
5. Point and Flex Scissors

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41 Responses

  1. How does she keep smiling like that? I only did the workout for like 2 minutes and I'm in PAIN! She has it hard

  2. peter tingle says:

    My tears dripping on the floor

  3. I love the video but how MANY REPS? HOW MANY TIMES?
    IS 3 X 12 PER EACH OR WHAT IS RECOMMEND? Thank you 👍

  4. Molly Dolly says:

    Omg brilliant, love this!

  5. Lol this is my first workout with you and I struggled but I’m definitely coming back for more!

  6. Rene Nuñez says:

    wow this is the first time i was able to go all the way thru a workout w/o taking a break or doing a move half-assed!! cassie you're so motivational i'm so happy i have this channel 😍😍

  7. Ren Guerra says:

    Love this thigh workout Cassie. I was in so much pain and literally shaking great workout

  8. monkey says:

    I absolutely love this workout and you’re energy is so’re amazing ❤️

  9. Hi guys I just want to say, this workout WORKS!!!

    I tried this whole thing once a day for a week and I already saw amazing results. Before, my legs had cellulite and they would jiggle a lot even when I took a light step. But after a week of doing this 10 minute workout for one week, I could see that my legs were a lot firmer and stronger. They were more toned and muscular too and they barely quivered when I stomped too! I know that not a lot of comments actually mention how they did. Most are just begging for likes or promise to post but never do so here is an actual comment from when I actually tried it out.

    Some tips and important things I learned:
    Always keep your body straight on the ground. Don’t make a shallow v shape or curve your body, try to keep your body straight especially during the triangle thighs.

    Do the whole thing as real time as possible. Don’t take breaks or pause even for a second because it will slow your progress. Do it at the same pace as her. What I do sometimes is if I absolutely have to take a break, I pause for about five seconds and I put the video back 10 or 15 seconds so I can do more but still allow breaks. Because if you take breaks and keep the video going, you will technically not be doing the whole workout, only part of it.

    Try not to slow down too much or slump your legs because they are burning. Try to lift your legs as high as hers and keep the same form and posture she has. Keep your legs straight and maintain your pace! You got this!

    For the clamshells, if they’re not doing anything, it’s probably because you’re not doing it right. Remember, keep your body straight, your heels touching, and only move your legs. Squeeze your but and do not move your whole body, just try to keep your hips and your body still and your legs moving. Watch how she does it and try copying her as accurately as possible.

    Listening to my fav music helps me get through the whole thing! It’s a good distraction and sometimes the beat will help you keep your pace!

    I hope this helped! And I hope that this gives you more motivation, knowing this works!

  10. Susan S says:

    I like it because it's not too much time but it is very focused! A good workout you can feel working. I plan to do this 3-4 times a week and track my results each month with pics. Thank you!

  11. I don't know what was in my mind trying this workout with resistance band 😰

  12. MEDOUSA says:

    07/27/2019 🐩🐩🐩🐩

  13. cathy hats says:

    has this worked for anyone?

  14. V Mus says:

    my hip pops every time I lift to the side, even when i'm on my forearm :/ not painful, but not comfortable either 🙁

  15. L A says:

    How often should I do this ?once a week ?

  16. Ren7ee says:

    Hi. I just want ONE exercise I can do every day. Which would you suggest?

  17. Ari says:

    my legs and hip flexor BURN

  18. 1am says:

    finally. a short workout that doesn't have weird moves and makes you feel the burn.

  19. Emma Dowd says:

    This was the perfect workout today, wasn't feeling cardio today! Definitely will be coming back to this one! Thank you 🙂

  20. This is perfect and just what I needed to start working on thighs at home without any expensive equipment to get me going. One thing I noticed; on the clam shell I wasn't feeling any burn where she says you should so I rewatched a few times and realized I was rotating my hips with my leg (taking all the work off the area that I should have been feeling) and started to feel it. Looking at the video, she doesn't mention this but it doesn't look like she's rotating her hips either. Just thought I'd share that in case it confused anyone else.

  21. Lisa Healey says:

    I get really bad cramps in my feet when you have to point

  22. Janini 123 says:

    I must be doing something wrong with these clam shells, they just dont feel hard for me… No idea what to change though 😞

  23. M suis says:

    The name of the songs? Please!

  24. MonaLisa says:

    I am loving this. I am trying to prevent knee surgery and these are the same exercise I got from my PT. Makes working out easier. Thank you Cassey!!

  25. Kayla Jones says:

    Love love love!!! Your energy keeps me going through the shaking 😂

  26. Andrea Gil says:

    When you said you were so proud of me I almost cried lol


  28. Hi Casey, can u do a safe for pelvic floor leg exercises pls. I love all your workouts but I have to be mindful of my weak pelvic floor

  29. Oh my god why did my thighs feel like I strapped 100 lbs to them!!! 😂

  30. Kayla V says:

    Omg oooooowwww . You have got me shaking so bad lol. I for the life of me could not do the extended raised clam shell. I did try but I didn't want to hurt myself. Such a good workout . I love the music too . It really motivates me to keep going . I need to work out more but this is a good start after being lazy for a couple of weeks.

  31. Raquel Mote says:

    Ive been following this video twice a week for like the past two months. The burn is real, but so is the little tone in my thighs now
    Update: 6 months in and I no longer have a bad case of thuder thighs. I never thought I could be proud of how my thighs looked, but here I am. Thank you so much for keeping this video on youtube 🙂

  32. Mae Trixie says:

    thank you but you killed me, Cassey! lol

  33. one of my favorite leg workouts!! perfect when paired with your other video "quick leg & butt sculptor" 😉 that's what I just did and I'm shaking but super happy 🙂

  34. MEDOUSA says:

    03/23/2019 👚👠

  35. Yay I'm getting stronger.

  36. we sure felt it!! my mum and I were SHAKING!!! thanks so much xx

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