What You Should Eat on the Ketogenic Diet

Fitness trainer Drew Manning reveals how a ketogenic lifestyle helped him lose weight within half a year, Then, he explains much fat, protein, and carbohydrates are needed to stay in ketosis, a state where the body burns fat for fuel.

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47 Responses

  1. Brigen Mucaj says:

    Protein will not kick you out of ketosis if you don't have carbs so many people are on carnivore diet and they are lean ripped

  2. Sereki Au says:

    Stop confusing your body, just stop eating fast-food, sugar, carbs and all that! One more thing, excercise twice a week for an hour or two, then you're good..

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  4. NICK COIN says:

    ''Keto Diet Results for Weight Loss''
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oePve0-8W0I the keto diet has no positive results ….

  5. Amber H says:

    I'm not eating any carbs. Am I doing this wrong? I cut out sugar and carbs. I eat salads, chicken, eggs, bacon, tacos with lettuce as a tortilla, steak… That's all I've been eating

  6. 6 months and he has gains of like 6 years ya idk about tht imma need a natty confirmation

  7. sammyd19801 says:

    Sugar is the root of all problems

  8. Ahimsa Rose says:

    Meanwhile we are destroying our planet- setting our Amazon on fire, depleting our oceans, grinding up baby chicks and killing animals in just the US at 1500 a second- and here we are shoving bacon down our mouths without a care in the world. Good job doctor oz for promoting such a destructive diet to millions of viewers.

  9. I lost 20kg in 6 weeks,
    Breakfast-1 cigarette and 1 coffee.
    Lunch-packet of noodles
    Afternoon tea-1 cigarette and 1 coffee.
    Just repeat this everyday.
    No exercise either.
    If u get hungry drink water

  10. fojihq says:

    Is ghee (purified butter) good if training?

  11. epnick says:

    The woman entering.. the first thing i thought was Damn she's fat lmao

  12. Bass Mainer says:

    Another fad. Nothing beats intermittent fasting for weight loss. That woman says she tried everything. She didn't try anything by the looks of it. Eat 1 big meal a day (limit sugar) ,drink lots of amino acid liquids and couple that with plenty of exercise and you're good to go.

  13. Bryan Moss says:

    This is just like Atkin's Diet. Dangerous! All that fat? Yeah, you'll lose weight, but will develop unsafely high cholesterol levels which can lead to heart problems (clogged arteries). You'll look great laying in your coffin.

    I'm not a doctor/dietitian, logically it just sounds not to be the healthiest way to lose weight. What is safe though is the South Beach Diet. I did that in the not so far past and lost 30 pounds in 5 weeks eating fish, poultry, beef and vegetables. Real food. You eat good carbs but not the bad ones along with a specific intake of protein and hardly any "small" fat. I would strongly suggest this. Just punch up the tutorials here on YouTube or buy the book.

  14. I can never do Keto diet, it's too restricting, can't enjoy your life. So i just stuck to intermittent fasting, eat only once per day but eat whatever the hell you like. That is something i can do.

  15. THANKS DR. BERG😎✨👍🏽

  16. Equilix says:

    People that are chubby: i gotta get Skinny

    Me:Bruh, I’m trying to get fat but I’m not even skinny

  17. Fel says:

    All that butter is a nooooo for me

  18. Tyson Iyavoo says:

    Dr Oz is a fraud. Rather follow dr berg for keto advice

  19. Tea Garden says:

    I bet they don't mention the steroids that he used.

  20. tinylilmatt says:

    Dear fat people
    Eat less calories than you need
    Don’t make excuses
    Eat less calories
    You didn’t get fat overnight so you won’t lose weight overnight
    Be patient eat less calories
    Eat less calories
    Don’t make excuses
    Eat less calories
    Eat less calories

    Yours faithfully
    An ex fattie, who ate less calories

  21. MDK Kadir says:

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  22. Yavuz Yormaz says:

    I am trying to lose weight but last three month I did not see any improvement untill i found this keto-burn.lesportablez.com and lost 24 kg in 7 weeks.

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  25. Fasting diets include many types of fasting such as not eating at all for 24 hours, or reducing drastically the number of calories but you should forget about it and start using this keto-burn.lesportablez.com

  26. Ben Stiller's long lost buffed brother

  27. Ruk Kay says:

    "I have been trying to loose this 35 lbs for a year"… Thats more like a 100 you should be trying to loose. Just saying. Why are Americans so fat?

  28. protein should be high as well because otherwise your muscles will disappear

  29. MoonyGrams says:

    Let's be honest, she probably didn't actually try exercising consistently

  30. K9 1 says:

    The best diet is the MGTOW diet

  31. The heart attack diet 😂😂😂

  32. I notice a lot of skinny people think every fat person eats all day long. Well i have been fat ever since i could remember. I would eat all the same foods at the rest of my family that was skinny. We ate healthy but i alway gained wait. Even when i was on different diets and boxed i would lose very little weight. Finally after years and years realized i am very sensitive to food. So now i eat only 1200 calories and 50 or less carbs a day. It works for me.

  33. Sam Shepherd says:

    The thing I don’t like about the keto diet and the way these experts explain it is it’s always about eating oil and nuts?? How the hell os that so appealing. Oil, nuts, avocado, and bacon they all say the same thing. I’d be willing to try it with a keto chef and actually make me some food quality meals not just a few nuts, shot of oil, and small piece of meat.

  34. AASIF KHAN says:

    I told you ! how to weight loss without exercise and changing your diet plan are you interested???
    very very easy to weight loss chek it up …. @t

  35. Roro Bobo says:

    The trick is roids if you want to look like that

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  37. Nora Cox says:

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  41. Cerys Atkins says:

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