10-Minute Workout to Sculpt Your Body in 2 Weeks

How to burn fat quickly? How to get the perfectly toned body of your dreams? If you want to burn fat, tone up all your muscles, and lose belly fat, this video is all you need. This 10-day workout program works for any body type and consists of 4 different sections that are designed to train all the muscle groups. Say goodbye to all the extra fat without long hours at the gym and exhausting diets.

Elbow plank 1:00
Leg-up plank 1:32
Side plank 2:19
Climbing plank 3:14
Squats 3:58
Lunges 5:17
Belly push-ups 6:11
Shoulder circles 7:19
Punches 8:24
Push-ups 9:25
Lifting 10:35
Mountain climbers 11:32
Burpees 12:47


-Take the plank position, but make sure you are standing on your elbows. You can start from 10 seconds and gradually increase it all the way up to 30 seconds.
-Take the elbow plank position again, but this time with your palms on the floor. For the first 10 seconds lift your left leg as we are showing.
-Now you need only one elbow. Hold yourself on it, while the other hand is at your waist. Your legs should be on top of each other.
-Go from the elbow plank position to the regular plank position and back. You should do this one arm at a time.
-When squatting, make sure your feet don’t move, and your hands are straight! We recommend doing at least 20 squats, but it depends on you.
-Now you need to do 15 lunges. They should be pretty low, with your knee almost touching the floor.
-Lie on the floor with your knees up. Your arms should be on floor — you will use them to keep the balance. Lift your butt 20 times.
-Take weights and stretch your arms like you see in the video. Now make circles with your arms. We recommend 40 reps.
-The punches don’t have to be very fast and strong. Be as relaxed as you can. Do it 40 times.
-You should do 20 push-ups on your knees with your feet crossed. Keep your back straight while doing the exercise.
-Lift your right knee up and put it down. Right after that, put both your hands up and put them down.
-Take the full plank position again. Bend your right knee 20 times and then repeat it with your right knee.
-Take the full plank position again. Then you need to switch to the I-am-about-to-jump-up position with your hands touching the ground, then, jump up.

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48 Responses

  1. BRIGHT SIDE says:

    Hey guys! Have you already tried this workout? If so, please, share your results!

    Also, try these exercises to lose thigh fat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RfsfNsp1vs

  2. I HV started today…will cmmnt after 10 days.

  3. I'm 83 and want to be 70
    Starting this from tomorrow
    Let's see😒

  4. RAJNI Singh says:

    Hello…. Actually m ye jan na chahti hu ki kya m ye exercises sham ko kr skti hu…. Ya morning me hi krni jruri h.. Mera baby chota h abi isliye morning me m jldi nhi uth pati hu…. Plz reply

  5. What about stretching???
    Please respond

  6. Anna D says:

    It’s based on Tea Bo with Billy Blanks !

  7. Ishrat Kabir says:

    For healthy and unfit people Plank is the hardest one ever!!! 😌😌😌

  8. I come back with news in one week!❤️💪🏻

  9. How many times are you to do this workout a day 2x or 1x

  10. 💕 LOVE THIS WORKOUT, short and effective.

  11. Starting on 3rd September.gonna do exercise without diet
    I’ll show you the results in 2 weeks

  12. Am very heavyweight so the last one is very tough for me plz suggest

  13. Has anyone tried it and got the result?

  14. Pooja Kumari says:

    Hii……. The way of your teaching its very great 😊

  15. One year ago I was 47.But now I am 56. God Pls save me.Trying this exercise from today.Hope for the best result.Finger crossed.

  16. maria maria says:

    it's the first day..I hope to succeed 🙏🙏

  17. Alina Alice says:

    Okk fine I'll start from 2_9_19 and surely update after two weaks but I can't do pushups though
    Edit: I'm updating after 4 days. I did it for two days and spent next days on bed crying I felt like my legs are torn apart especially thigh area. This workout isn't for beginners. Plz don't do it without any therapist recommendation

  18. How about when your weight is 85kg and i cant do the plank ?..my body was so heavy i cant do some exercise

  19. Going to start from today 31 August
    See you after 2 weeks

  20. Jess Rodgers says:

    I noticed a lot of people kept asking how old and what the weight of a person who tried this out was so I’m going to post this.
    I am 14, 15 in November
    Last time I weighed myself I weighed 140lbs
    I want to lose ten pounds and I’ll keep trying this till I reach that goal.
    Comment if you want an update

  21. How can you do this when you're low chronic back pain?🇨🇦🕊

  22. TenaciousGUS says:

    Does it work if you don’t do the burpees??

  23. Rika Rounds says:

    I've started this workout and I'm currently on my second day…I'm very sore ..hope to see results soon

  24. New youtuber here hug me I will return it

  25. Watching this video ,,,,still in bed

  26. ITS DIY SIS says:

    So I saw this vid of how this girl lost 7 ibs in 7 months and then I watch this vid and I’m like

  27. Today iz mah first day
    My weight iz 70kgs approx, i want 55 hope dis vdo works for me
    Many excercises were tough lyk pushups
    Things which i noticed on day one–
    Mah legs are paining, i also feel little bit pain on stomach
    😶🙁,Tired,sweating lyk a pig

    Day 2— feeling so much pain in legs, not able 2 do excercise
    10 day program ending here😢

  28. Pavithra K says:

    I planned to do this, I'm 80 kgs now, so this is how I started.
    Morning on the bed 5min yoga.
    Then I started this 10 min exercise, few were difficult for me to do soo I just tried and stop it to 5 or 10 , hopefully I'll do it completely as the days go by.
    After this exercise I took 3 garlic and drinking hot water just water. I'll be back everyday and I'll comment how I felt on each day

    Soo this is – day 1- 30 -aug (very tired, having a bad thigh pain )
    Day 2 , 31-aug, it was good today, but squad I did only 15 not 20, then mountain climber only 12 .ill be back tomorrow.
    Day 3 :- I could do everything on the same count but only mountain climer and burpees I stopped it with few times

  29. Me : watching this video in bed with a bag of popcorn😂

  30. K.M Xx says:

    I’ going to do this for 2 weeks i will update. Start at 29 aug

  31. I don't know if I can do the one leg plank when my body is so heavy especially my legs…

  32. Hijab zahra says:

    Im going to do this ill update

  33. ITS DIY SIS says:

    I don’t wanna do the squats bc my but is a little big but I’m only 12
    … it sucks 😅

  34. Ni Na says:

    Starting today 28 August I will backe after 02 weeks

  35. sujatha rani says:

    When u r showing time how can we see d exercise.why don't u observe wat u r doing

  36. Which time is better , doing exercise? Morning or evening? Plz reply

  37. ummay ayesha says:

    phle bhi karte the but this one is great ND again thankssss😊😊😊

  38. ummay ayesha says:

    Thankuuu sir so so much
    hum bht zayada prshn h some weight ke liyeee ye video dekh ke mujhe bht zayada sukoon Mila hm aj se hi ye sare workout karenge

  39. Is it advisable for arthritis problem

  40. Who else does this because of bullying in school😥😥😥

  41. Good😤very hard😤i can't do it😦😦😦

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