Distance Running Weight Training Workout With Dumbbells

In this video we give you an awesome weight training workout for distance running, using JUST dumbbells! This workout will get your WHOLE BODY conditioned for stronger, longer running.

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27 Responses

  1. Tyson WaRRIoR loved that like Forest Gump. If you can carve ID spots and preorder hotels and dinner reservations it's like hunting lol.

  2. Chris Adams says:

    This dude looks exactly like Harry Kane. Great vid, though, thanks!

  3. krxahfb says:

    Is it better to use a barbell or dumbbells?

  4. Deidre Ramon says:

    The dude in the back in the beginning 😂

  5. Rusty Daines says:

    Just sold my bar for my weight bench and have had to transition to dumbbells for deadlifts…feels terribly odd I wanna keep them in front like I would the bar but found slightly to sides works best, still feels inconsistent though

  6. Joydeep S says:

    This guy really seems to know what he's talking about but I fell asleep half way through the video. Sorry.

  7. Awesome video!! What weight would you recommend for ladies?

  8. sproutbliss says:

    Liked and subbed. Thank you!!

  9. Sir It's running in the morning and evening gym it's good

  10. This guy looks like the slightly older brother of mike canteloupo from TPS

  11. You can learn more about workouts on Unflexal . Awesome solutions for health and bodybuilders I think.

  12. Mario White says:

    Thanks this is just what I needed. Do you knowwhat weight should I lift if I'm 120 pounds?

  13. Simon Perks says:

    Good video, thank you.

  14. Exactly what I was looking for! Can't wait to try this cheers Nate!

  15. Is there a specific method to determining how much weight per dumbbell and number of reps? Nate and I look to be similar build so perhaps the 25# size he's using here is the place to start. Further, and assuming that's the case, if one completes, say, three sets of 10 reps as part of a circuit, is it better to progress to a higher number of sets or higher number of reps or heavier weight?

  16. Very cool! The explanations are very clear and help a lot. I did it with a 10Lbs set. From the video I see that when you do the thrusters you don't jump off the ground. If I do, does it mean I should use heavier dumbells? I'm worried that if I do I won't do the movements correctly.

  17. New subscriber here what workouts would you recommend to improve my time on a two mile run? I'm in the army and have a pt test coming up just wanna get better and can't seem to thanks for any advice

  18. ShadowJade says:

    Hey, I need to get good at running to join the police, but I find it difficult because one of my legs is slightly longer than the other, causing knee pain in one leg, is there a way to run with wonky legs? lol

  19. Hank Donigan says:

    What is a good dumb bell starting weight? I'm worried that I will do these and unknowingly use bad form. It would be great to have a coach or someone knowledgeable to get you started on the right track. I wish I could work out with my laptop in front of me. Terrific video… thanks!

  20. luvzlara says:

    You are awesome !! Great job and great presentation !!! 👍

  21. Joseph Boak says:

    good video, but i like to use a straight bar its just more comfortable to me. i've been running alot more this then in the past and getting faster is my goal but for the last 2+ weeks my liwer back has been sore i've stretched rested and i take ibuprofen what else can i do. lastly how can i get a run experience shirt.

  22. Jamal Aujla says:

    i have been suffering from it band syndrome for about 2 year i am wonder if i should focus on my hip or my whole kinetic chain? it seems like there always a tight muscle pulling my knee inward

  23. Flyleaf Plot says:

    The hang power clean might also work well with kettlebells, as they allow for different joint articulation and, possibly, facilitate a smoother transition of the weight for some. Thoughts? Also, thank you for leaving your shirt on in these videos. Too many guys feel the need to prove something. I'm sure you're fit and all, but I'm glad your ego doesn't get in the way of your demonstrations.

  24. X Sinclair says:

    Great video! Would these exercises be just as effective if I use kettlebells?

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