How to Use Gym Equipment | Beginner's Guide

Hello, my loves!
Going to the gym can already be hard enough itself, nevertheless learning how to use any of the equipment! Therefore, I’ve compiled a video of some basic gym equipment most gyms should have.
Know that many machines operate similarly (as you’ll see in the video), so even though I’m not covering all the machines in the entire world, you should be able to successfully work most machines using these same methods.
Always be sure to refer back to the instructions on the machine if you need help and never ever be afraid to ask someone for assistance!
Let’s go chase those gainzzzzzz, babesssss.

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24 Responses

  1. Kuzenbo says:

    The quest is over! For years I have travelled and searched the lands in the far far east. My eyes would never come to rest on my epic quest.
    And now I found her. The hottest asian chick ever. Damn.

  2. Thank you so much! This video was extremely helpful. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing the video its very helpful, i walked to the gym before i quit the same day because i didn't know how to use the machine 😂😂😂 im glad i joined ymca now its a little pricey but they give you two session with personal trainer to teach you what to do.

  4. EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT video! Thank you so much as this will prove to be extremely helpful to me to relieve my stress level that I’m feeling as well as helping me not to look and feel embarrassed. Again, thank you

  5. Excellent video! Thanks for taking the time to make this

  6. Hayli Marie says:

    Suddenly my anxiety about going to the gym is gone! Thank you so much 😊

  7. I did them all on opposite way… :)smile… don’t cry::)

  8. 1:20 : Leg Press
    2:41 : Assisted Pull Up/Dips
    3:42 : Pec Fly/Rear Delt
    4:39 : Leg Extension
    5:28 : Cables
    6:14 : Lat Pull Down
    6:45 : Seated Cable Row
    7:11: Squat Rack
    8:20 : Smith Machine
    8:57 : How to Adjust a Bench

  9. Yoooooo I can never reach the Lat Pull Down because I’m 4’10 lol 😭

  10. I was gonna turn this off, but the second you said all you did was cardio because you didn't wanna look stupid not knowing how to use the other equipment, you had my full attention.

  11. Gary Sharp says:

    I lift weights occasionally, i usually drink 2 cokes a day and two bottled waters, so I went to the gym today to check my max bench press and all of the sudden I'm bench pressing 225 which is 65 pounds more than my previous press of 160, I know 225 is not much of a max bench press but I was trying to figure out how I did that considering I rarely lift weights. A few weeks ago I started drinking powerades because I like the taste of them so I figured it had to be the powerades that gave me more strength. I did some research online and I found out that it has electrolytes in it that is important for overall muscle strength, once I read this I concluded that it was definitely the Sports drink that helped me

  12. well, comment no. 888 is going to the gym tonight and yep, that fear of not knowing how to use the equipment is real 🙂

  13. lexus Queenz says:


  14. D Sm says:

    I’m curious : in the gym I go there are people employed to assist the beginners! For example I have asked one of them multiple times to adjust the machines for me ! And that’s okay ! Girls it’s okay to not know , everybody started from somewhere!!
    In the USA Gyms everything has to be done by you ???

  15. Sarah Tang says:

    Thanks for explaining that partial weight increment knob on the seated leg press! I searched so many vids for that. You’re the only one who mentioned it. I just wanted to know what it was, and if I should be using it.

  16. I want to work out but I don't want to go to the Jim I want to work out at home how can I improve my workout at home

  17. This might sound stupid, but can this help you lose weight?

  18. Rasta Mahn says:

    Just found you. Thank you for this 🙏

  19. elle says:

    thank you so much for this video because i was honestly dreading anyone seeing me using the equipment wrong and look stupid. i also was scared that i wasn't actually doing myself any justice becuase i was using it wrong. i just stayed on the rowing machine the whole time lol

  20. Pamela C says:

    Ty i love your video

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