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This is the Episode 3 of Students Transformation Plan. In this video I will explain how to design your workout plan for this Students workout Series. As I have already mentioned in Episode 1 and Episode 2 that we will be going for Full Body workouts and not any conventional bodybuilding workout plan like Chest on Monday or Back on Tuesday or any single muscle group training method.

Why do I believe in Full Body workouts , well here are my reasons:

1. Full Body Workouts allow you to hit every muscle with more frequency in a single week . It means that you will be able to hit all the muscle groups like chest, back, legs, biceps, triceps, shoulders etc more than once a wee. Especially in this plan you will be able to hit the muscles 3 times a week which means more stimulus for the muscle and more muscle growth. In single muscle group workout plans you can hit your muscles only once or at max twice a week . So Full body workouts give you a better opportunity to build more muscle and gain muscle fast. So people who are skinny or want to gain muscle mass fast, this is the best method .

2. Full body workouts allow you to hit all the muscle groups in a single day which means more metabolic stress on the body which means your body has to do more work and in return it burns more calories. So students and people looking to lose fat or burn fat will benefit immensely from this plan as Full body workouts allow you to burn more calories and get lean faster and lose weight faster.

3. Now this is my philosophy about workouts, that we as humans are built to use and train all the muscle groups at one time. We were not designed to hit chest one day, back one day etc. I have had experience with myself and my clients that Full body workouts are more fun, enjoyable, give better results and make you a better athlete in terms of performance, endurance, strength and injury prevention . Also single the volume of the workouts will be low in terms of each muscle group you will be able to recover faster and train those muscles again and stimulate them to grow faster.

Now remember this plan is perfect for Men and Women but also perfect for both categories i.e ones who want muscle gain or strength gain and ones who want fast fat loss.

If you are looking only for muscle gain or are skinny, you do not need to do cardio but on active rest days you can do bodyweight workouts for 15-20 mins to get stronger in bodyweight movements.

For people who are looking for fat loss, they must do at least 20 minutes of low intensity cardio like Brisk walking , cross trainer , cycling at a low intensity speed and on active rest days they must do 1 hour of any activity like Low Intensity Cardio, or play sports. The idea is not allow the body to stay sedentary and keep it moving.


Welcome to STUDENTS TRANSFORMATION PLAN . This is one of the World’s first ever fitness and bodybuilding transformation plan dedicated for students. This transformation plan is perfect for all the students and job going people who have a busy lifestyle and who struggle with maintaining their fitness lifestyle. This Plan is both for vegetarian and non vegetarians .

This plan is also perfect for school or college going students, people who work in hectic jobs and for teenagers. Both Beginners and Intermediates can follow this transformation plan and get the best results. This plan is designed to help you get a Lean Body.

The most unique things about this bodybuilding and fitness transformation plan is that it includes everything that a student needs in their lifestyle to become a better and fitter version of themselves. I will explain all the basics before you even start, introduction of full body workouts and why full body workouts are best for maximum muscle building and fat loss. We have also included a complete nutrition plan where students are guided how to calculate their calories, track their macros and manage their nutrition through budget grocery shopping and full day of eating. Along with this we have also included a special video explaining what all supplements are required by the students to build muscle and lose fat and get the most aesthetic and athletic physique ever.

In this series we have Rishabh Babbar who himself is a student and has helped us in understanding student bodybuilding problems. He has helped us in designing the best diet plan and select the best exercises for students and beginners. Hope this transformation series will help you to become the best and the fittest version of yourself.

Much Love
Abhinav Mahajan

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  1. Shivam Babar says:

    Don't wish for good body work for it

  2. Abhinav Bhai Aap Jaisi Body Bnani H Mujhe Bhi💪💪

  3. This is THE most applicable video in student life. Dope stuff🔥

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  6. subham kumar says:

    sir diet ke bre me bhi kuch btayiye iss series me

  7. lakshay z says:

    Sir can you please post the nutrition video asap

  8. Bhaiya I am 16 and my height is 164 is it possible to grow till 174cm?? please do tell me it will help me a tons

  9. BeingFit says:

    bhai tu ab chutiyagiri krne laga h
    agr aisa hi chala m sure u gonna loose ur subs.

  10. Full body workout schedule chahiye bro

  11. Anuj Trivedi says:

    Thank u very much 🙂 :)…..More power to you !!!

  12. Bohot Suspense De Rahe ho aap Videos me Try to keep it simple and Upload the Videos Daily If Possible becoz i thought ke Aapke Student series ke sath start karunga Mai Mera Workout…. So If Possible Try to upload it daily

  13. Aryan Shukla says:

    Sir, can we replace low intensity cardio with high intensity cardio of 10-15 mins like rope skipping

  14. Random Guy says:

    Full body workout plus 20 min cardio. Matlab 3 ghante wahin marwayien.

  15. Guruji CLA aur l carnitine kaise kaise Ek Sath lena hai
    L carnitine to rat m leta hu Cla kab lu Shyam ke Samay 6km running karta hun sirf plz replay 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. Munis Parvez says:

    Great work Sir..looking forward for your next video….

  17. SR Rajput says:

    Thankyou bhaiya finally apne mere e-mail m jo bheja tha uspe respond krke yeh series chalu ki thankyou so much it means alot for me💓💓

  18. pls brother upload the exercise chart and training videos from today so that we can follow it from tomorrow ( Monday)…..pls vaiya

  19. Kunal Thakur says:

    Very excited for the next episode 😁 abhinav bhaiya 🙏

  20. Kunal Sharma says:

    Sir pls jaldi se full body workout plan ki video upload krdijiye….

  21. Nawab Arzoo says:

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  23. Mohit Bhatia says:

    Plzz upload workout video today bcoz i want to start transformation from tomorrow

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  25. Alex Costa says:

    I am from BANGLADESH! and I am a huge fan of this channel. Your videos are scientifically so it is helping me to grow muscle

  26. Thank you so much sir.. For this series… Lots of love from Gadchiroli (Maharashtra)….needs home workout plan for weight loss.. My wt is 85kg ..need to reduce to 70-73kg

  27. Sir m skinny huu kya ye mere liye hai

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  29. Awesome I'm so excited for next video Your the best Fitness YouTuber 🔥💕❤

  30. Adarsh Sahu says:

    Sir fast daily one video upload kijiye mai gym issi leye nhi ja rha hu ki kab aaki video aayegi 😢

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    Sir , person looking for fat loss even they can follow this same workout routine ?

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