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The workout:
1. DB Goblet squats 4-5set x 15reps
Rest time; 60s
2. Front foot Elevate DB split squats 4set x 10-12reps each leg T-U-T 2s lowering phase + 2s pause
Rest time: 60-75s
3. Narrow stance Leg press 4set x 15-20reps
Rest time: 90s
4. Heel elevate Squats 4set x 8reps T-U-T 4s lowering phase
Rest time: 90s
5. Smith Machine Duck stance 4set x 12-15reps
Rest time: 60s

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31 Responses

  1. M Scott says:

    Looks like a great workout! Trying today. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for the exercises!! Love how you a girl that isn't scared of weigths!😘😏😌

  3. Soph says:

    People are gonna get mad at me but here we go…

    My thighs/ legs are stick thin and my legs are bony. I want to thicken my thighs without thickening the rest of my body (abdomen area). I have been working on my abs for a while now and I’m happy with the resukt

  4. do you rest for that amount of time in between each set?

  5. Mike Riley says:

    The high socks are really cute.

  6. Great video, you look amazing but I found the ambient music very distracting. Wonder why gyms insist on playing garbage music and such high volumes.

  7. Ok guys it looks easy but try it and see how you feel the next day

  8. sara mansour says:

    Excited to try these at the gyyymm

  9. Ambi Jasani says:

    Omg I love your videos!!! I'm dying doing all of these workouts at the same time feeling getting tighter!!! U r the best love ur content!!! I'll be tagging u on Instagram on each exercise I do from now on I've got from ur video

  10. I'm a man and want big strong legs.


  12. Morin Macias says:

    Sun nutrition facts? Cool shirt where to buy?

  13. Sarah Nelson says:

    You are so informative! Loved this vid! Are you Swedish? I used to live there! It sounds like I hear an accent from there! 😊

  14. Adam Doma says:

    Gf? R u gay?cz i know normal people hang out with a boy cuz your women I know you this is your life you you have the right choosing a life don't let the devil control you we are normal you're not like that please answer my question.

  15. 367scotty says:

    why the hell did she throw a 30 lbs or 40lb dumb bell . bad gym manners

  16. dajfire81 says:

    She is so lovely with her accent

  17. Destrada1225 says:

    I usually open my legs wide when doing a squat. Is that bad?

  18. I have a hard time with squats bc when I squat straight down I feel like I’m going to back backwards. So naturally I bend forward. Any advice for how to improve that? Strength or flexibility issue? TIA

  19. Blessd Nina says:

    I want legs like hers soooo bad 😍😩

  20. You look beautiful today 😍

  21. Abbey Knize says:

    on all of your squats you do hip width apart… why not apart?

  22. John Ortega says:

    A female giving workout advice? Stick to your kitchen recipes, stop trying to be like men you wanna bees

  23. Jag älskar dig. Du e så söt😍

  24. I want my glutes not quads

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