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Hey guys! Sorry I was gone for awhile. I needed time to myself to deal with the anniversary of my dads passing 1 year ago. I hope you all are doing well and keeping up with your weight loss journeys. I’m still working on building more strength and discipline to stay on track better when I’m feeling down or anxious. It’s time to get back on the wagon because I’m not feeling my best- meal preps, food logging and workouts. It’s time to hit my weight loss goal once and for all. No more playing around. 🙂 Thanks for watching and your continued support. You all keep me motivated during my hardest days. See you next week! xo

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24 Responses

  1. Dear Kim, Life is hard sometimes. I am sending you happy and loving thoughts.

  2. K Wallace says:

    I think you’re doing great Kim. I have just discovered to add a clean house to my Keto program and that has really been a game-changer. Exercise is still an issue for me, but I’ll get there. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us! It helps so much. I’m only down about 27 lbs since Jan, but I love this lifestyle. Your channel is a bonus!

  3. Megan Dunell says:

    It is over 20 years since my Mum died. I still miss her and hope that she is proud. Your Dad would be proud of you and he would understand your emotions towards him if you had unresolved issues. Forgive him and know you too are forgiven. That doesn't excuse his transgressions but it means you can let them rest. Also having a break from any diet allows you to reassess your goals and get back on track. Be kind to yourself, Kim. This is your journey and only you have to be satisfied with it. As to career what do you want to do?

  4. MsBrandy76 says:

    That salad with avocado looks yummy. What all did you have in it?

  5. Italatina 66 says:

    Love the hair…love seeing your dogs…enjoyed your video. Thank you

  6. Peg May says:

    You don't have to have a forever job. Nowadays people have several careers. Not to worry. Sorry about your dad passing.💐

  7. You are very warm and authentic Person, keep going…you are helped me a lot in my weight loss journey, thank you a lot 🌻❤️ feel hugged 🌻and keep your Head up high 🌻☀️

  8. So sorry about this time of year and your dad! Many prayers said

  9. Kim I just always feel like I'm failing ugh how can I do it without strips etc. Likr I never got the flu

  10. Cynthia T says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Kim. I've been struggling with binge eating to cope with my depression. I'm trying not to hate myself if I do snack on carbs/sweets once in a while. Otherwise, an all-or-nothing attitude makes me eat nothing or eat everything.

  11. tagger224 says:

    Your hair looks great

  12. Hi Kim 👋🏻I think you gave yourself the advice you were looking for! You’re an inspiration. You have a huge, honest heart and are so full of wise words. As everyone has said it’s ok not to be ok! ❤️ We hear you. You’re doing so well and things will get better because that’s what you want! Thks for inspiring my day, down under🇦🇺 and I truly hope you have a beautiful week 💐🌟💞

  13. Pauline L says:

    Wow! I’ve been following you for a year!? I remember this sad time for you last year. You truly are an inspiration. Your hair looks great!! Thoughts and prayers to you. Stay strong!

  14. Love your beautifil hair Kim! Great job, doing it at home! You saved buku $-bucks-$ doing that… right? One hobby I've developed is gardening. It keeps me grounded and peaceful. Maybe it's too hot there, but find out what you can about your area and seasons best for home gardening. Plant happy sunflowers or some keto veggies like okra, or like pole green beans, leeks, tomatos, or maybe even an avocado plant or strawberries. You'll be amazed how working with the dirt, growing foods and flowers… centers and grounds you. ** update **… I've now lost 103 lbs. with keto and I.F. To weigh 170 is my goal, so 32 more to go. You Kim, have your WHOLE LIFE ahead of you. Pray more to Increase your spirituality. You will gain happiness, stability, inspiration and a life's purpose as you get closer to your Savior Jesus Christ. Can I send you the Missionaries? Your dad IS aware, still VERY CLOSE to you. I'm sure he loves you very much, is Very proud of you and is indeed still intimately involved in your daily life. God bless you sweetie. He LOVES YOU. Be 😊 happy.

  15. Having the home gym will make u workout with no excuse 😌👍

  16. Soo my weight is 138.8 Kg and my goal is To go To the german Army 🙂 iam from Germany btw ❤️ wish you all a great day 🙂

  17. Elizabeth N. says:

    Thank you for being so inspiring, in more ways than one. I can definitely relate as my Dad passed away less than 2 months ago, and my Mum 3.5 years ago … trying to get back into keto and trying to take each day/moment, one at a time. *Hugs to you

  18. Olga Hekkert says:

    Good to see you! Your dad is proud of you for sure!

  19. Fine Time says:

    Hi Kim, I really look forward to your videos and find them inspiring❤️

  20. Sami Bee says:

    So motivating and just what I needed to keep me going!

  21. New you! Really blonde. Love it.

    Of course you need time to grieve your father. The loss comes in waves, just when you aren’t looking for it.

    Right now it might be best to focus just on your diet and exercise. I think to take on a new career would be overwhelming.

    Lastly, give yourself a break. You are doing great. We love you.

  22. I’m fairly sure your dads pride would have been there regardless of how much you weighed. Your beautiful inside and out and no number on a scale would alter that. Ps. Would you think about becoming a personal trainer? No missing out on endorphins then no matter what’s going on in your life xx

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