Here is a HOT FIRE pull workout to shred and sculpt your arms and back! We are hitting back, biceps and rear delts!!



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3 sets of 15
– 10 lat pulldown with single arm emphasis
– 5 lat pulldown

3 sets of 10
– Wide grip seated row
– Close grip underhand seated row

3 sets of 8
– Barbell drag curl into bicep curl

Superset | 3 sets
– 10 cable cross body lat pull down
– 10 cable rear delt pull
– repeat on other arm

Bicep curl complex! 2 sets to failure 😅

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50 Responses

  1. How are the gyms you usually go to so empty?? You going in at 4 am or something??

  2. Hey Whit! Can you please do some at home workouts like you did in your earlier videos? I mean you’re doing amazing at the gym but I’d love to follow a at home workout of yours that’s updated and newer! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. Peixe TJ says:

    Cat 👏🏼👌🏼🔝😍

  4. Emma Nevaeh says:

    I always laugh when Whitney finishes sentences with “girl” 😂 idk why luv you whit 💓

  5. Girl ! I’m so happy I found your videos, The most entertaining workout videos I’ve seen ! YOU’RE SO AMAZING !

  6. RUTH says:

    Thank you!!❤️❤️❤️

  7. hope eure says:

    Your hair looks supa Fab in this video…. Get ready with me, hair edition? 🙆

  8. rabyia Ahmed says:

    Can you clarify if this will build muscle or help loose weight? little confused thanks xx

  9. Alisha Nell says:

    I would love if you could do a push and pull routine with free weights as well because I am a very busy mom and don't have time to go to the gym. Thanks!

  10. Abi says:

    Loved this workout so much x just did it and loved it x muscles were on fire 😘 xx

  11. Can you post more pull & push days? I LOVE THIS!

  12. Can we get some more push/pull split workouts? I've been using these same two vids while marathon training and would love to switch it up. You're the only female on YouTube I can find that splits this way, so THANK YOU FOR BEING A BADASS!

  13. Lilly Ryken says:

    could someone help me please. i’m very VERY insecure about going to the gym. i almost cry just thinking of it. i don’t want people to judge me. i’m especially scared of using the bars. i don’t want to use them wrong. i’m so insecure about it

  14. TheSmarien says:

    I love your top! Where is it from??

  15. EsEm says:

    I love how you explain the workouts in details! That's really helpful!!

  16. lynn konyali says:

    I was a fan since day 1 your videos are getting better and better but you I can't say that about your workouts CAUSE THEY CAN'T GET BETTER SIS THEY JUST CAN'T I LOVE YOU

  17. Your future kids are gonna be so blessed to have you as a mom. ☺️

  18. I am just trying to understand that cable machine at your gym so i don’t look trying to figure it out at my gym 😭💀

  19. I really love your gym workouts with weight and equipments. They're a blast!!!

  20. Yvonne - says:

    I anticipate being very sore tomorrow 🤪

  21. Gurllll let me tell u… did this workout today. It’s the bombbb thank uuu

  22. Gonna try these TODAY!!!!!!!

  23. Ashika A says:

    Love you girl 😘 following your workouts everyday.. I’m trying to lose 20 pounds.. hopefully I’ll see some results soon .. thank you so much,

  24. Love you girl! Looking good👍

  25. How many times do you do back day?

  26. Trying this later today!! You are quite literally one of the only fitness guru on YouTube whose workouts I follow!!! You've changed my life and my muscles!

  27. Ella Tucker says:

    Just finished this workout. Omg Whit! 🙌🧡

  28. Please do more machine workouts with hiit involved please xo

  29. Anita Ayala says:

    What color is your nail polish? Love the color!

  30. Valerie D says:

    Def gonna try the rear delt pulls !!

  31. After a year I’ve been trying to get back to my body, seeing your video helped me realize that though I workout I have to pump up the weights I use. Thank you so much 🙏🏼 You really inspired me. I love your videos, your body looks insane!
    I’ve just finished this workout, I was so surprised with myself! I used almost the same weights you used on your video!!!
    Keep up the good work, and don’t forget to share 😉

  32. how is ur gym always so empty lol what time do you go bc my gym is always busy!

  33. For us that cant afford a gym membership or machines… do you have any recent at home full body workouts?

  34. Rania Tarek says:

    Great video.. Thank you so much for it… I had a question though please, is it necessary that body fat becomes around 10% or less… Or can your body hold to more fat percentage and still train and tone your body? .. Thank you ❤️😊

  35. Where are your shoes from? I love them! Keep up the good work!

  36. Briana Ramos says:

    Love these kind of videos! So helpful! ☺️ Also would you mind giving me feedback on what helps you stay focused on your nutrition? And do you focus on the scale much at all?

  37. W C says:

    A whole hole lot of poontang

  38. W C says:

    I would enjoy exercising on that mechanism

  39. Whitney do you use Spotify and have a work out playlist to share?????🤓

  40. Britney Ford says:

    What I eat In a day please ! 💕💕💕💕

  41. So I’ve been really working on my arms because I have always hated my huge arms & I have to wear a halter dress in a couple months. During my arm workouts my arms feel tired and start to shake, but I have not felt any bit of soreness in my arms at all. I’m worried that I’m not doing it right. I try upping my weight, but then I can’t complete the workout & I’m still not sore. Any tips? How can I make sure my arm days are actually being effective.

  42. This was just what I needed today!! I have been dealing with a lack of motivation the past week, and this led me to spending a whole hour at the gym with a smile on my face. Thanks, girly 🙂

  43. Jenny TJ says:

    Your furbaby is so sweet 🌞

  44. Julia Timpy says:

    Your videos always make me so happy 🥰💞

  45. “Insert photo here” 😂 I love Whitney she’s so funny💕

  46. I had been out of the gym for 4-5 weeks due to many problems going on with me body externally as well as internally which lead to me feeling frustrated and messed up mentally because I couldn’t do anything in those weeks. Fast forward, i’ve now started back at the gym this week and the first exercise I did was this one and it kicked my bum. My arms 💪🏽😱😱😭😭 .. it had been so long since I’ve done any type of workout and this truly kicked my rear haha. I loved it!!!!! Of course it took at least 4 days for it to heal and come back to normal-almost but I really enjoyed this exercise. Will keep this in my books for upper body workouts.

  47. Totally in lovw with ur channel can you please do a vid of just tricep /bicep day please thank you

  48. Eli DeLa says:

    Freaking love you 🔥

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