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 In this video, Health and Wellness Coach Caroline Jordan leads you through a few new exercises that can help you strengthen and stretch your feet, ankles and toes. In this video you will need a step or step stool and one small ball. These exercises are going out by request for a Caroline Jordan Fitness YouTube subscriber. Do you want caroline to film a video for you? SUBSCRIBE to the channel and leave her a request as a comment below.

This video includes:

– Heel raises
– Ankle circles
– toe ball pickups
– toe lifts
– point and flex for the foot and ankle

The exercises in this video are new, innovative, and will help you be strong from the ground up! It helps to make foot and ankle specific stretching and strengthening a regular part of your weekly regimen. I challenge you to take care of you’re toes with the following exercises. Aim for three times a week, before or after your workout. Repeat the video 2 times for a longer routine. Leave me a comment when you have completed the series and let me know how it went!!

Take good care of your ankles, arches, and toes. It can be done in a few minutes a day and just might make the difference in keeping your feet pain and injury free. Exercise specific to foot care can go a long way towards improving all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Start from the ground up — work your feet for a maximum body benefit!

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As always, please check with a doctor before starting this or any exercise routine. Honor your body and listen to what you need!

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16 Responses


  2. Moneyman 36 says:

    U so good with your foot exercise

  3. I don't have a little ball, so I use a balled up pair of socks. Save yourself from foot injury, and do these regularly. I'm using these exercises to rehab my feet after a dance injury and operation. I wish I'd done them earlier. Thanks Caroline.

  4. Next Level says:

    Something told me that foot exercises would help my knee injury. Following these exercises gave me instant relief. I am amazed!

  5. John Okeeffe says:

    I am a new follower so I haven't had a chance to see all of your videos. Thank you for your posts. Do you have a tip for spreading my toes, other than toe spreaders? I use them about 2 hours+ a day. On my way to work, and home. For example: right now I'm in my kitchen after work. No shoes on. I feel like spreading my toes would crack them like cracking my hand knuckles.
    So you know, I'm in steel toe boots all day, and up and down ladders. I have tried what you recommend in this video. I'm looking for an execise that spreads my toes if you have one. This exercise is close to what I'm doing all day in work boots.

  6. Thea's Mummy says:

    These are great, thank you! Do you have any exercises to help heal/prevent hammer toes?

  7. Caroline I've been doing your hurt foot videos for the 6 weeks I was in a foot cast and now I just tried foot exercises to get mobility back in my foot and decrease the swelling. This was hard but just what I needed. I live in SF too. Do you have a studio and do you teach classes ? Thank you so much, Marilyn

  8. rfootlover says:

    Caroline, thanks for the wonderful video. Recently, I have been suffering from painful Plantar Fasciitis in my left heel. I have been following your exercises and noticed a great improvement. If you are able to, It would be great if you could do the videos in HD format. I would love to play them on my wide screen TV so I could follow along with you .

  9. i dont have a 1-10 attractive scale i have a 1-Caroline jordan.

  10. I love these, Caroline! I have neglected my feet and ankles for too long and this is a great way to give them healthy attention.

  11. Diablo Mes says:

    good video – kind of blurry tho

  12. Maybe , You should use HD Recorder 🙂

    By the way , Thanks for new exercise 🙂

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