Beginners Ballet Workout 2| Full Body Flexibility Stretch & Toning Exercises

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Beginners Ballet Workout 2| Full Body Flexibility Stretch & Toning Exercises

Join Yelena for a fun and effective Ballet Workout – great for all levels! This video will lengthen and strengthen your entire body as well improve you flexibility.

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20 Responses

  1. PsycheTruth says:

    Want more fitness? Check out Psychetruth Plus, 100's of videos not on youtube:

  2. This i found really helpful and calming , I'm going to start adult ballet on Friday and this was really good as I'm trying to be more prepared instead of randomly showing up with the absolutely no strength or flexibility what-so-ever aha

  3. She slim but she got some muscular calfs

  4. balladhe says:

    0:33 is where the workout starts 🙂

  5. Yadicon Gaye says:

    I do ballet class and now I’m soooo much better 🙆🏽‍♀️

  6. Beautiful stretches. love it

  7. Yelena Yu says:

    we got the same name! Surprised me cause I just searched on google for ballet stretch, lol

  8. Loly Lolita says:

    this movements killing me

  9. Cloudyink says:

    I just searched for ballet stretch videos and did your workout tonight. It is great! I am very out of shape and after your 26 min workout my shoulders wanted to stay down and my core pressed in. I can't wait to keep doing your videos and get in shape again!!

  10. انامن باريس وتخرجت من مدرسة الرقص

  11. Yeayyyyyy!!!!😘😘😘

  12. Yura Kovalec says:

    Good to see that the Unflexal includes new training instructions to build my body perfectly.

  13. Youtube User says:

    I appreciate your instructions. Is there a place on youtube to find all your videos without having to scroll through this chanel to find yours?

  14. Lysanna says:

    I'm already 18 years old. Is it too late for me to start?

  15. these are more like sleep stretches, no way will this help you with ballet. Ballet is a hardcore sport and I definitely need a way more intense stretch. Or maybe, just one that actually stretches your flexibility …

  16. TayLor Bush says:

    Your voice is very satisfying lol but thank you so much💓💓 very appreciative

  17. Her legs look white,are those tights TIGHT?

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