30-Minute No-Equipment Abs and Butt-Toning Workout

Get ready to build your curves with “Queen of Home Workouts” Brittne Babe. The combinations of no-equipment moves like killer planks, scissor crunches, and leg lifts will have your abs and booty burning like crazy.

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Outfits: Gymshark. Anna’s shoes: ASICS. Brittne’s shoes: Adidas. Tara’s shoes: Athletic Propulsion Labs shoes.

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47 Responses

  1. Rasha Sharif says:

    Anna this was an excellent work out! Easy to follow and Brittney is a positive instructor. Thanks for this !! It is done and it feels great 👍🏾

  2. I love love love love love this workout. It’s fun and positive. Thank you so much!!

  3. Was sick for 3 weeks couldn't exercise, lost most of my muscles, felt like jelly doing this exercise 😤😤

  4. Jane Iglesia says:

    First of all your skin is so smooth and glowing to perfection! Thats some black girl magic forreal. And the fact that you have scoliosis, but you are teaching us all to keep going and push through and how you balanced our butt and ab workout with back strengthening moves. You are a goddess.

  5. The purple girl is captivating

  6. Kimberly - says:

    This was an awesome worck out in 10 and look way better!

  7. Her body banging 🤩 Goals

  8. Awesome workout! Anyone find it more difficult to do the moves when there are long silences???? 😂 I'm like: SOMEBODY SAY SOMETHING TO DISTRACT ME FROM DYING!!!!

  9. This was fun. The instructor is awesome! I used 3lb ankle weights and burned 250 cal according to fitbit.

  10. So y'all gone act like you didn't hear that fart at 3:20 from the girl on the left side.

  11. Sharynbeez says:

    Brittne Babe not only are you amazingly beautiful but this is a brilliant work-out definitely something I found easy to follow and at the same time working out my whole body. I am so glad I came across this workout on Popsugar fitness Thank you so much for sharing a great workout video ;))

  12. Damn I don’t workout but this was much needed ! I can’t wait to hit my goal body 😩🥰

  13. selma nouri says:

    Thanl u so much u ve been a great instructor throughout a challenging 30mn 😘😘

  14. it was a nice short workout thanx

  15. tough workout! I love it!

  16. Girl, this workout is it everything was burning 💓 it

  17. I would've like more clear time indicators from the instructor – just a personal preference as it helps me to focus on the exercise better. Loved this workout otherwise!

  18. So sweaty hehe but it feels good indeed thank you for this thirty minutes work out routine

  19. Aubry Ruiz says:

    Some of the moves were awesome. I have more burn in my wrists rather than the booty an abs. Too many moves where my tiny wrists are holding me up. By the bird dogs I could barely hold myself up any longer. Will stick to other popsugar workouts I have e loved.

  20. I love this I’ve been doing the first part twice a day and I can feel my butt getting bigger 😂❤️

  21. Chizz Itz says:

    Okay I love that she calls us babes! Love this instructor!

  22. YAS! Seriously I have a coupl videos I follow but I wanted to mix it up today. I feel amaaaaaazing, sweating like a Trump in front of Truth, and ready for the rest of my day! Merci beaucoup!

  23. Brittne babe is the bessstttttt

  24. brianna says:

    More Brittne Babe! She’s so pretty and a great instructor 😍

  25. This is an awesome workout. You don't have to stand or run around much, the whole workout is done on the mat. It is a bit different since you don't move around much but you still get a good burn. Loved it! Britne Babe, you rock!

  26. FrauW says:

    best workout ever! love it!

  27. Her skin tone is so beautiful😍😍I love watching brittney's workout videos.And it's not easy working out.

  28. Самая классная тренировка!!!

  29. Kemetic Soul says:

    Sorry I'm going on her channel …..she's the boss…..girl bye…..

  30. sky says:

    Her skin is so beautiful, it shines

  31. This was a wonderful video….I appreciate all the different levels of the same exercise. This will be apart of my morning routine thanks for the video loves….You all did great!!!

  32. dead beat says:

    wait, I heard that tilting your head back (like the first warmup) was not recommended & that it was possibly dangerous, is that true?

  33. Maja 22 says:

    I in workout: Omg I hate her
    After finish workout: Omg i do this every week😍

  34. can we do these kind of workouts w/out shoes?

  35. Karen Bruce says:

    I loved it! This work out had me sweating. I love Brittne Babe. She is beautiful & awesome!

  36. Lala B says:

    Love it!! Thank you so much!

  37. boudenas says:

    Just before going to the beach on a hot day! Feeling great!😅💪

  38. How are you so pretty and glowy tho 😩

  39. Love this workout, more please

  40. DaytripDaisy says:

    Brittney gives me body confidence that it's ok to be a strong girl with a big powerful butt

  41. Alex Maciel says:

    OMG!!! went so fast and so much sweating! The more I watch this channel the more I'm loving it… This one is hard! Keep them coming!

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