Why A Workout Plan Should Be Apart Of Your Purpose


Consultation/Build Muscle And Get Lean/ Lose Weight

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50 Responses

  1. I AM RAGE says:

    When you get into routines🌚Life Starts to Become More organized❗️🙏🏼💯

  2. Bitches Only Like 2 things … Niggaz with Money 💰 and Niggaz with GAINS but Gains will always have any chick on ya TIP 💪🏾…✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅

  3. Aaro9n says:

    Been hitting the gym every day since school started and I’ve seen small nooby gains but it’s motivating as fuck because I’m excited to see what’s next

  4. Lotus says:

    Do you work out when you’re sick? or do you rest ?

  5. Ever heard of over training Steph?

  6. David Tivis says:

    I am an old man and I go to the gym 6 days a week you have to stay looking good and healthy. 😉

  7. Mr Horus says:

    Great advice man👏🏾

  8. Elvis Adames says:

    What’s your opinion on basketball tho? Can you be too skinny to play ball?

  9. Andre Scott says:

    Damn bro your videos be the truth

  10. Yo we gotta teach these women to quit this fat acceptance crap and lose the weight

  11. TheTREBrand says:

    Search "The Ripped Effect – Plan Program Transform on AMAZON. 13 week plan, trackers, + additonal ab workouts, interval and functional training… without dropping 100-500+ on an online coach (unless you need that accountability) other than that, shit's dope.

  12. Working out is like therapy. Got some issues, work it out! Great post young money!

  13. h22sparks says:

    I had a chick tell me real talk about when she saw me in person i got her wet not moist wet. Paid for my dinner and my gas to come and see her. I gotta stay hidden at times

  14. h22sparks says:

    Youll see the difference if you do your workouts you have to build in the dungeon

  15. h22sparks says:

    Shoulder tricepts and bicepts and dont skip leg day too. I be so fucking swole and eat healthy too. Assisted pull ups and dips 4 sets 20 reps and rest

  16. h22sparks says:

    It helps you build stay fit and stay healthy. When people stay on the market noone can take you off that but also stay mentally healthy you build your Charisma and it makes you a better person overall especially when you build up on your body A1 co grats no you got the looks and these chicks out here will see it too like damn this niggas ripped and he can do what he wants to me i had reaching for my dick to suck it while watching a movie just molesting me and my muscles yo.

  17. 1:32 Steph bro, we need the home workout videos tho

  18. Dre says:

    Some niggas want to be pretty boys, but what you should do is be the best version of yourself and no one else.

  19. Steph you should do a video about why society wants to convince us that women hate big muscles.

  20. Denzel says:

    They will not hear you dog.

  21. Maken Ator says:

    maybe i sound crazy but a buy a bunch of equipment for exercise (dumbells, bars, a bench, a pull up bar, abs wheel, a jumping rope, disk weights and i do every day my routine, since 2 months, i dont go outside, i do it only for buying my food and to make a little interaction with people, my advantage is that a learned how to be alone (total) due circunstances in my life but you need really to want to be buff, stocky, ripped wtr you want but you need really that pure desire to make your body look good, and i feel you Steph when you said " when you start to see those abs, those bicep triceps, etc pumping out…." yes thats really a good feeling, the key is to have that desire and also that perseverance, and patience, without those 3 youre fuckt, Stay Hard

  22. So many red pill channels hate talking about it. They hate that looks matters

  23. Goku Flaws says:

    Where you get that intro music, its cold I need a playlist g.

  24. "Every man should want his fair share" thats what im taking from this.

  25. striker360 says:

    Dawg I LOVE training hard every day in the gym. Once you put ur mind to it, it consistency becomes addicting and gives you more of a Alpha/Dom mindset. Bro I’m 4”11!! I gotta good body still workin on it and everyday it seems like I’m getting more and more eyes on me from both men and women. This grind is crucial for both your mindset and overall lifestyle.
    Great video G. 💯🔥

  26. Marcus Cox says:

    I have seen a few of mike tyson workouts i might pickout some of his workouts

  27. Marcus Cox says:

    I work out mon-fri i dont have a set schedule

  28. Say it louder for the folks in the back!  Hittin' that moderate to heavy weight for high reps will jump start the testosterone and your body will show it and that will draw in the women.  If you under 5' 10", you gotta be swole af.  No debates. Salute sir.

  29. Bluedream13 says:

    They don’t hear you steph! This video is gold all facts you spoke bro

  30. Snorlax says:

    Looks matter for sure, I love when women feel my muscles in the club.

    However, I know fat ppl who get chicks too but being fit is always the best option for YOURSELF.

  31. Play the intro at 1.25 speed🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. 4 am every morning I’m at the gym. It sets the tone for the day. It’s when I can think about my purpose and what I’m going to accomplish. Whatever your cup of tea is, GET AFTER IT!

  33. Big facts my guy ! Keep doing ya thang

  34. Takeshi told the judge that Stephon told him to buy the Dig Till she MF bust shirt

  35. I still can't understand why a lot of Americans dudes are fat asf while they livin in the Sweet Potatoes land. One of the most healthy and tasty food. The thing that made me a beast at the gym is that i have adopted NFL as a lifestyle.

  36. Im gonna dig these hoes guts out butt naked wearing nothing but the dig till she bust shirt and the AMS all purpose t shirt.

  37. RedRum WoK says:

    Not only a workout plan but one that works for YOU. You can only figure it out by going and trying new things. Also diet for whatever your goal is, whether that be gaining mass, getting lean, losing weight, etc…

  38. I'm not a man but I'm taking this as motivation for my self. I have been following you for quite sometime and I appreciate you and your content. It's good to learn how men think and do.
    Have a blessed day ♥️

  39. You need to make a website/app called 'cold university' where you drop exclusive game

  40. KingDey_ says:

    On point bro. Everybody wanna just know the game how to deal with women. It’s starts with this

  41. KING P says:

    Hygiene , Clear skin , & Being fit lure women in like a muthafucka they come up to u asking questions
    Touching u & shit etc

  42. Sens4Lyfe6 says:

    been doing IF and hitting the gym regularly the past 3 days, feeling good. no more excuses this time. women dont want no fat ass and thats a fact.. respect bro!

  43. Bigdawgkeef says:

    Steph start uploading workout vids again fuck wat the haters say

  44. I remember Rom Willis said that to women check out guys.

  45. BIG BILL says:

    You gotta do more work out videos and more meal prep vids

    Thats real motivation g

  46. I know there’s many ways to get in shape but let’s say you’re starting off with a dad boss some muscular tone. Would it make sense to focus on burning fat first or could you still bulk first and see that tummy go down?

  47. Dug says:

    The workout videos are my favorite, but I do appreciate the game as well!

  48. BIG BILL says:

    Just got working out too. I got so much energy bro.

    Im on semen retition. I got life in me g. Amazing to think about

    Amd women are natually starting to gravitate towards me

    Thank you fr

  49. It may sound cliche but as a kid i always wanted gains like goku. Im half way there

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