Sports Endurance Workout – Stamina, Speed, and Agility Workout

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22 Responses

  1. FTN.Provoked says:

    Anyone I’m 2019 looking for stamina for basketball season

  2. wtfhades says:

    Who Else Did a Little..Then sat down And Watched.

  3. Ohh i tried its so hard

  4. suga infires says:

    anyone watching this for parkour?
    cuz i do

  5. ASBasf says:

    My stamina is low and these exercises are too much for me, how should I start doing them?

  6. If you're done in round it ok if you rest in 3 min?

  7. Anyone here for soccer?

  8. I'm just here Trying to Impress my * friends*

  9. i watch this cus my first time playing basketball about a few minuets im about to pass out and like i cant breath and im dizzy and my head ache and thats all

  10. Where all my baseball dudes at

  11. CrystalOres says:

    I’m gonna keep doing this routine every day I need to get better so I can hopefully get strong enough to become an athlete which is what I really dream to be

  12. Can I do this workout everyday ?

  13. LYG caleb says:

    I use to be so athletic what happen to me 😢😤

  14. Ali Javed says:

    Im watching this for boxing

  15. DG CLAN says:

    I can’t Compete 5:33 it’s Hard

  16. Poop Sock says:

    Im doing this for basketball today i 1v1’d some skinny soccer kid in basketball and holy shit game was to 12 by the time i made 10 points i couldn’t even guard him anymore i was exhausted i won somehow but my stamina isn’t good enough to join a basketball team i need to grind my body and lose weight

  17. Andy Braun says:

    I'm only here because I can run fast but have 0 stamina at all

  18. This is gonna fuck me up

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